Dark Souls III Wins Best RPG at gamescom 2015

Dark Souls III wins the best RPG at gamescom 2015 awards beating four other competitors for the same spot.

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the-dragons-bane1193d ago

not suprising, it is a souls game after all.

poppinslops1192d ago

It beat Final Fantasy XV, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Dragon Quest Heroes and the Division... serious competition.

I still haven't played DS2 (I keep hearing it's got nothing on the first), but this one looks unmissable, so I guess I'll grab the remaster... Hell, I've got tomorrow off - it's a date!

Have FS said anything about a release window?
Knowing them, it'll be surpringly soon - I'm guessing early-mid 2016... is that a bingo?

Jmanzare1192d ago

Ds2 is fun I would definitely recommend it. I do prefer ds1 but it's good to have something different, I beat ds1 5 times.