DeNA earnings report reveals Nintendo announcement “soon”

Nintendo is about to announce its mobile plans very soon, according to developer DeNA.

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marloc_x1194d ago

This is gonna be good 😆

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BrandanT1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Because so many people and shareholders pushed them into it. We've only ourselves to blame.
Remember when so many people complained and snarked at Nintendo, telling them to go mobile and get with the times? Yeah, that's what happened. I don't like it much either, but who knows exactly what they're doing. They promised to not alienate loyal fans that's why they announced the NX so early.

SquidBuck1193d ago

I just want Zelda on my WiiU, it's honestly all I want from them at this point

BrandanT1193d ago

Same here, I've been waiting for the game since mid 2013.

Benjaminkno1193d ago

I don't know what all the fuss is about. Am I missing something?

Doesn't this only project an expanded market?

Nintendo is pretty much advertising their games on cell phones, so more people are going to be playing Nintendo right?

Nintendo's business structure, although weakened, hasn't seen the multi-billion dollar losses that their competitors have had in the previous generation.
Nintendo still knows how to surprise people.

Their risk taking has generally paid off.. just look at how stupid amiibo sales are.

I'm not sure anyone can see this as bad news unless you're a mindless fanboy sheep.


ZeekQuattro1193d ago

I know right. One minute people proclaim Nintendo is stuck in the 90's but anytime they take measures to change that image people complain even more. Shits going to hit the fan if they offer a Xbox Live like service. lol