We Happy Few Gamescom 2015 Hands-on Preview | Power Up Gaming

Scott Russell writes: "We Happy Few had piqued my interest ever since its inaugural art on Kickstarter; an image of a startlingly vacant masked woman. I was then excited to see a new, creepy trailer debuting at Microsoft’s Gamescom conference on Tuesday. Looking for its demo booth on the show floor, I found it tucked below the Microsoft Live stage, a rather understated location for a game that seemed to have so much potential. It turned out that my confidence in its procedurally generated gameplay, and rural dystopian aesthetic, was completely justified."

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mrjam01194d ago

Weird stealth aside, this game looks super creepy!

Harrylikesgames1194d ago

Such a cool art style, wish more games looked like this

Owenza1193d ago

I thought Bioshock cured me of my mask aversion, but no, still creeped out!