Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may be soaked in simplicity | GameZone Preview

GameZone: "While the game gives you a lot of excellent features and combat options, it does feel a bit too simple and all too forgiving. At no point did I feel Konami would truly soak me in blood unless I played the game in a very unhinged way. I feel like this game has to be much cooler in other situations, but Konami failed in delivering action, intensity, and definitely more than a couple cups of blood. If the game doesn't deliver more than this, it's going to be tough to keep us interested. Then again, we always have story and our gameplay style in a new, very open world to keep the game engaging. Only time will tell how this game will be, and thankfully that wait is less than a month away."

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ArchangelMike1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Konami? Konami? Surely you mean Kojima Productions! Don't tell me that you have bought into Konami's propaganda of censoring Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima.

Konami have funded the game and will be publishing it. But let there be no mistake this game was primarily made by Hideo Kojima and the Kojima Producitons team(s). All praise should righty go to them... similarly any criticism should also be directed towards them.

But whatever you do, don't give Konami the pleasure of receiving any credit - be it praise or criticism - for the creation of Metal Gear Solid V. If it wasn't for Kojima you would now only be previewing - Metal Gear Solid V: Patchinko!

DarkOcelet1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

They wouldn't be previewing the game unless Konami's name was mentioned not Kojima.

Or they would have blacklisted this site. I read something like that a while ago and AngryJoe said something similar.

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thisismytag1218d ago

I don't think "simple" is the right word to describe it.

fashionst1218d ago

Confirmed for playing on "Normal" (Easy) mode and an obvious clickbait-y article headline to boot.

Casual reviewers: not even once.

franwex1218d ago

Well...I felt the hard difficulty in Ground Zeroes was an adequate challenge for me. I noticed in the previews Snake taking a ton of damage and not dying-I figured it was on easy mode to show the mechanics and stuff. So I am not worried about the difficulty.

WitWolfy1218d ago

I'm really contemplating to just stream the entire game on youtube.