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Push Square: "Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment could afford to be a little more welcoming to newcomers with its opening hours, but get through the initial confusion and you'll find a charming RPG that boasts an enjoyable battle system. Meanwhile, a solid supporting cast prop up a middling story, and some great dungeon crawling moments will keep you coming back for more. Despite several unnecessarily daft design choices, jumping into the shoes of Kirito can be a lot of fun, and for the game's budget price, it's easy to recommend to anyone who's up for a spot of anime adventure."

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PhoenixUp1223d ago

This game has a 61 on Metacritic. I'll wait until better JRPGs come to PS4

sactownlawyer9161223d ago

If you like jrpg and the anime sword art online you will love this
game. The online co-op is awesome too.

SoapShoes1223d ago

The game is fun... You gonna discredit all the good reviews it got? What are the point of reviews if you don't read them and make your own darned conclusion.

Majin-vegeta1223d ago

Wait wait people actually take reviews serious?

Spyroo1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

SAO Lost Song is a good improvement, but still this game is priced so cheap it's worth it

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WildArmed1223d ago

Been playing this for awhile now. I'm about 50 hours in, and I gotta say the gameplay is pretty deep.

I don't follow the story or the anime the game is associated with, but based solely on the gameplay and the quests you can tackle, this game has been super fun.

Esp. if you play online, I have a blast taking on missions 100+ levels than the team and still coming out on top.

The game has it all: equipment hunting, levels, skill levels, buffs, active defending/dodging, combo system, a continuously growing in complexity combat system (implement system) and ofcourse a ton of classes (around 6 weapon classes!)

If anyone wants to co-op, hit me up: WildArmor

Scatpants1222d ago

I got it for my Vita. It's not very good. I'd give it a 6/10