Secrets of Assassin's Creed Leaked?

Not only does Assassin's Creed offer new stealth mechanics thanks to its social camouflage feature, it also showcases new acrobatic maneuvers using the immediate environment around Altair that haven't been seen before in a game. While there were some curious hints as to whether or not the entire game would be set solely in the Third Crusade thanks to some of the video clips that have been released, we were looking forward to potentially changing the course of history.

Or will we? Interestingly, it seems as though the medieval action title isn't exactly what it seems. Looks like there's more of a sci-fi twist to the game than we initially thought. In an interview with IGN TV, Kristen Bell, the star of Veronica Mars explains her connection to the upcoming game. She also reveals the sci-fi premise behind the game: "It's actually really interesting to me. It's sort of based on the research that's sort of happening now, about the fact that your genes might be able to hold memory. And you could argue semantics and say it's instinct, but how does a baby bird know to eat a worm, as opposed to a cockroach, if its parents don't show it? And it's about this science company trying to, Matrix-style, go into peoples brains and find out an ancestor who used to be an assassin, and sort of locate who that person is."

IGN contacted Ubisoft for a comment on Bell's disclosure, but they were unavailable at the time this story was published.

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THAMMER14384d ago

AC and Mass Effect will rock that year to the ground.

I can not wait to use the public camo that is so sweet.

JPomper4384d ago

Isn't this old news? I mean the quote itself... didn't she say this a while ago?

It sucks that Ubisoft pushed this back in favor of GRAW2.

Sidherich4384d ago

she might have violated her NDA and will never get a game related job again.

or its simply a marketing move

who knows

mellowspaz4384d ago

Cool premise. Still I was dissapointed in the 360 video trailer released recently. Game looks choppy, and is too much like prince of persia (I know it's by the same developer).

96impala4384d ago

I know alot of people are waiting on this game, and i wanna see if it's what people are making it out to be. will it recieve a 9.6 or an 8.8 or something like that. And if so what version will recieve soooo curious.

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