What Can Wii Do to Save Nintendo

TTZ: The Wii was brilliant and the Wii U was just average. What can Nintendo do next to save them from being another Sega?

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warrior821195d ago

Wii U could have been a game changer if Nintendo used better hardware.

miyamoto1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Nintendo has been warned once by gamers when their "under powered over priced" strategy with the 3DS backfired and more people were returning 3DS than buying them until they were forced to slash the price.

Yet they were too stubborn and "Oops I did It Again!" with the Wii U.

Will they do this again with the NX?

Promising next gen hardcore gaming experience without no experience on HD game development on 6 year old console gaming technology was suicide.

I hope their new leaders learn from their past mistakes.

Fans really need to be honest with Nintendo and talk man to man if Nintendo is even willing to listen and act upon their needs.

We will talk about Nintendo's success if they really begin to take the hobbyist gamers, the 37 year old gamer, seriously and not just target little children.

Sylth011194d ago

I do not recall hearing anything about 'more people returning 3ds than buying'. Relatively slow sales, yes. Returns due to price? No.

You are implying the slow sales of the 3ds were because of power and that Nintendo could have drastically increased the power of the Wii U in about a year's time. I see no facts to back this up, just hyperbole.

Implying they will do this with the NX (which, I am getting tired of pointing out, we know NOTHING about), insulting their experience in HD, facetious 'hope for the future', etc.
I see no evidence for any of your views and you present your opinions as established facts.

The only one I will address is your assumption that they target little children. I contend that they target everyone. What prevents you from having just as much fun with a Mario game as with a Call of Duty game besides your own childish notion of what it means to be an adult? Family friendly does not equate to 'little kids'.

miyamoto1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

At sylth01

Making it all up,eh?

Here,facts from Nintendo Everything:
From the mouth of Mr. Iwata himself:


Shnazzyone1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )


Source 1, single quote, You do realise that all game consoles target kids too right? They were big targeting core gamers at wii U launch. This is iwata saying they will diversify since their Mature efforts seemed not as successful.

Source 2: That was one month. Now they only fill up the shops because everyone is upgrading to new 3ds. Who Cares.

Context is good. Or should i bring up Hannah montana psp?

How about this link?

3-4-51194d ago

* Your all not looking at it how we should IMO.

* WHATEVER it is, it will be more powerful than the Wii U = FACT.

Just that alone, makes a ton of complaints about the system go away over night. like instantly.

* 3rd party dev's can't complain about it not being able to compete at the PS4/xb1's level.

* It will be the new console on the block, which will always get interest from gamers and media a like.

I was fine with the Wii U for what it was/is, but it's not getting those 3rd party games and it needed that.

The NX will be getting 3rd party.

IF Square Enix of all people are considering putting Dragon Quest 11 and FF14 on NX, then the NX must at least be powerful enough to showcase it and run it.

I would guess then that the NX is at least as powerful as the PS4, which means it's powerful enough to allow dev's to make games on it and be ambitious with their ideas whilst not having to hold themselves or their games ideas back.

* The NX can only be a good thing.....can ONLY be an improvement over the Wii & Wii U.

No matter what it is......the specs will be greater than Wii U's = Instantly appeals to gamers.

* Nintendo's games look beautiful on the Wii U....the ones they made at least.

This means that Nintendo's IP's a long with 3rd parties also will look better than the Wii U games do now.

* Super Mario 3D World & Mario Kart 8 are really beautiful games to look at.

^ NX games are going to look BETTER than that.

That is enough right there for me to purchase it, let alone all the other features it will include that we don't know of.

* Ship it with a Wii U Pro Controller type of controller ( but obviously upgraded), and it's all good.

DarkKaine1193d ago

"WHATEVER it is, it will be more powerful than the Wii U = FACT."
The problem with that statement is that the Wii U was more powerful than the Wii as well, but when it launched they were still a generation behind. For the Wii U to succeed with third parties it needs to be more powerful than the current systems and sorry I just don't see that happening.

"IF Square Enix of all people are considering putting Dragon Quest 11 and FF14 on NX, then the NX must at least be powerful enough to showcase it and run it."
Who says that the NX is getting the same version as the PS4? It could be the 3DS version as far as we know. Also FF14 is out on the PS3 already. This tells us absolutely nothing.

FallenAngel19841194d ago

The Kinect and Move didn't have limited success as the article suggests. Both devices sold 25+ million each, which is more than 25% of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 userbase respectively. Many major add-ons don't reach that wide a market. They were both reflectively successful enough for their successors to incorporate their tech. Since each were superior to Wiimote even with the MotionPlus add-on, its no wonder that Wii sales took a nosedive in 2011 onward.

I really don't think that just building a powerful console with parity to their competitors is enough to put it on top as the article suggests. Sony and Microsoft are known to aggressively make exclusive deals with third parties. Nintendo would have to be as aggressive in getting similar third party deals as well as trying to convince core gamers to give up their digital libraries, Achievements/Trophies, friends list, controllers, multimedia functionalities and migrate over to their console. That is too tall an order. Even if their next console has parity it'd be hard trying to convince gamers from purchasing it on PS4, X1, and PC and instead buy it on NX, a console that'd be outdated an quickly replaced by the time 9th gen systems roll around.

Wii was very successful in its heyday, but being one generation behind its competitors looks to have done more harm than good in the long term plan for Nintendo.

Ck1x1194d ago

Actually Sony only has the Move at shipping 15 million not 25+ as you stated. The kinect and wii ballance board are the 2 most successful add on devices of the 7th generation. If Nintendo can get most of the important 3rd party games their next console will look miles better than the WiiU has. The NX won't be nearly in the same position either, because both the PS4 and XbOne just released a short while ago. Neither Sony nor Microsoft are going to chop off their current success to start talking about new hardware anytime soon.

I just wish people would wait and see what Nintendo announces this NX to be. If they believe that they have a chance to sell 20 million in the first year after the WiiU's troubled situation. Then obviously they feel there's something great in the making at Nintendo...

chrisx1194d ago

Nothing can be done at this point. Their best hope is in the NX and I really really hope they have learnt from past mistakes. Big if

higgins781194d ago

I've owned every major Nintendo console since the SNES, neither has been a 'mistake', sorry. Your idea (I think) is to have the NX near indistinguishable from both Sony and Microsoft consoles, both in terms of hardware and games...nightmare! Ever consider Nintendo is a breath of fresh air to many?

ninsigma1194d ago

But why not have better hardware to allow the third parties to Dev for it (that means more games which is never a bad thing) as well as keeping the same exclusives?? It doesn't have to be an either or.

higgins781194d ago

Use 'better' hardware, use 'better' hardware, use 'better' hardware, blah, blah, blah! Pish posh. The Wii - compared with both PS3 and 360 - was way below in processing and megahertz, didn't stop it being a massive success and capturing the imagination. Besides, if the most cutting edge tech was key, most would not own a PS4 or XB1 but a high end PC. It's about brand loyalty - stupidity.

The WiiU has at its disposal a wealth of great games, many GOTY contenders/winners, a lot game of this gen (thus far) contenders. People (in my opinion) are sold by the latest instalment in a 3rd party franchise. The fact Nintendo and the WiiU doest get these games puts it out of the game in moat peoples minds. Sad really, because look past that it's still Nintendo pushing some incredible games/experiences.

SquidBuck1194d ago

The Wii had some great games but most of them were rubbish. The WiiU is pretty much relying on exclusives at this point. In order for the NX to succeed Nintendo needs ten times the 3rd party support that they currently have, and a more robust multiplayer network.

higgins781193d ago

This I don't understand. Yes, the Wii had its fair share of bad games, as did PS3 and 360 lest we forget. Why focus on that side of the fence however? I wont list them all as it would takeam age, but i had roughly 40-50 Wii games (retail) and absolutely none of them 'filler'/ a lot of which were some of the best games i played that gen across the board.

ShaunCameron1192d ago

I can agree. I think the Wii U missed its chance at being the console which can have the more "mature" games and not feel out of place. The funny thing about the Wii is that to a degree, it achieved it, shovelware and hardware limitations notwithstanding.

MoveTheGlow1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

First of all, I read the article, and it's a bit shallow. Nintendo doesn't need saving. They had losses, sure, but they also have a stash of backup cash from the Wii. It'll take more than the WiiU to sink them.

The Wii was successful partially due to their great first-party games, and partially due to the discovery that kids had an affinity for silly minigames, which of course brought about an influx of me-too shovelware.

Nintendo's strategy did not change with the WiiU - the paradigm of casual gaming did. It shifted to phones and tablets, as the big Christmas gift for kids was no longer a Nintendo 64, it was an Apple iPad or a Kindle Fire. Also, Minecraft.

Therefore, you wind up with a console trying to be the HD Wii, but it can't make the console sales figures it used to make. The non-Nintendo market shifted to mobile, and Nintendo game fans alone couldn't shift that many units. Add the complete bungle that was the Gamepad, which was underutilized and kept the cost of the console up past its prime, and you've got a lukewarm system.

I kinda see the WiiU as this generation's Dreamcast. Yes, there were some bad ideas. Yes, the market left them behind. However, the best games that did come out, mostly first-party in the case of the WiiU, were stellar, especially 3D World and Splatoon (which I see as the multiplayer spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio, not SO).

Here's hoping they make some business-sense next time. They do not need a ton of third-party support, nor do they need to be yet another iteration of the current consoles. They need to be different, and aim for a different market. A Netflix of classic Nintendo games would be amazing, as would a portable/TV hybrid system instead of fragmentation among portable and home consoles. Imagine if the 3DS library and the WiiU library were the same - we'd be singing one heck of a different tune.

MSBAUSTX1194d ago

I would also point out that ninty is making money now. The Wii U is turning a profit and is still selling consoles. That means that the huge pile of cash you mentioned is getting bigger and their mobile market is full steam ahead. I do not forsee any trouble for Nintendo at all and this DeNA deal coupled with Amiibos and 3DS is only going to line shareholders pockets with more and more cash.

Why cant people who like Nintendo just be left alone and the people who dont do the leaving alone. Like a diehard PS fan would buy a Nintendo console anyway. Most of those types of people do nothing but downplay and ridicule the cute and fun nature of Ninty exclusives. I do believe that Nintendo will not last forever resting on their laurels and unique gameplay experiences. If anything they will need to start getting some third parties involved because their lead developers are getting older and wont live forever.

Name one lead developer at Nintendo that is iconic right now with their game designs besides the guys who have been there for ages. It is hard. The guys who made Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, Samus, and Smash Bros are a dying breed. Who will keep up that level of quality when they are gone? Third parties have to be involved and or be aquired by Nintendo at some point so that the Nintendo dream can continue.

1194d ago
RPGrinder1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Nintendo does not need saving. Another flamebate article.

Nintendo is actually doing better in more areas of its game business than anyone.

Software - Number 1
Handheld - Number 1
Toys to life - Number 1

Hardware sales are the one thing they are not perfect in and they need saving?

Come on.

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