Ken Levine: My "crazy ambitious" game is out of the blue-sky period

Ken Levine has confirmed that his new IP has entered development proper.

"We're not in the blue-sky period any more," said the developer, speaking to VG247 at Develop today. "We're actually building design elements and building it out… But it's, you know, it's going to be pretty crazy ambitious."

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PwnShop3639d ago

Cool guy, i'm glad he's not sticking with bioshock 2 and helping take 2 milk this franchise, can't wait for him to unveil his new project, I expect nothing less than bioshock.

Sharpshell3639d ago

that hes NOT working on Bioshock 2... I loved that game for obvious reasons but some games jsut dont feel like they should have a sequel (like final fantasy X lol)and if he considers his next game to be "ambitious" then hopefully we can expect the same great story and atmosphere coupled with gameplay which will be able to get through all the noise in the industry right now. With his credentials and resont success maybe we can see an "ambitious" gmae coming out thats not an FPS or TPS... I'm not knocking that style by any means many of my favorite games are one or the other (or both: mgs4 lol) but it seems like every cutting-edge game on the radar is in that vein...

kingme713639d ago

Is that David Duchovney lending a hand?