The Coalition on Gears of War 4: 'First we have to do it right before we do it different'

For an existing franchise that is now being handled by a slew of new game developers, maintaining what a series has always been about is essential. Developers who are working on Gears of War 4 certainly understand the importance of keeping the heart of what a Gears game is at the center of what they create next.

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gangsta_red1195d ago

That will be the challenge for this new Gears.

You don;t want to change too much because it wouldn't be Gears and the formula works well because it was finely tuned throughout the trilogy.

But you don't want it to be the same 'ol, same 'ol because then you'll people who will say "been there done that.".

Here's hoping they can find that nice balance of something new and old refined for us all.

Good luck.

christocolus1195d ago

I cant wait. Bring it on.

Minute Man 7211195d ago

2016 the big hitters coming out but it starts with Halo.

Can't wait!!!!