Amazon restocks Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition on PS4 and Xbox One

Amazon has restocked the previously sold out Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition on PS4 and Xbox One.

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SaveFerris1193d ago

This collectors edition is proving really popular. Is Konami releasing the limited edition PS4 in the US?

morganfell1193d ago

I would say they are not going to release it here. They are inside the 30 day window as well so they aren't going to garner massive preorder sales of the unit in the way they would if they announced it 2, 3, or 4 months ago. It could still appear but it looks quite doubtful at this point. I considered getting one myself even at the scalped prices but may hold out in the hopes of a Star Wars Edition.

SaveFerris1193d ago

Strange decision if true. I can imagine a lot of gamers in the US and Canada will be disappointed and seems like a missed opportunity for both Sony and Konami.

morganfell1193d ago

Agreed. It just seems odd. Several of us looked at the situation and really couldn't fathom a reason for the decision. Was it related to the necessary support mechanism? Doubtful because it was released in the EU.

As I have said I have really come close dropping a little over $700 a few times. But I already have 3 (2 black models and the white Destiny version) in the house and Metal Gear is done after this game so each time I end up passing. And as I said, I have my fingers crossed for a Star Wars Edition that is more than just a Drive Bay cover.

SolidUSP1193d ago

I remember a producer of konami Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi once tweeted that if we wanted the red ps4 we needed to ask our local Sony, I guess for us it's SCEA, now did anybody sent at least a tweet to Sony or signed a petition to bring the red ps4 to North America??

I guess you guys we're so distracted with this kojima-konami fiasco crap that only a few like me tried to get Sony to bring that ps4 to NORTH America. Those Europeans probably got it because many there raised their voice to bring the ps4 to Europe, but not all hope is lost, you can still tweet SCEA to bring it here, or find a petitions that asks the same thing.

morganfell1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


You guess? Well, it is good you were not Indiana Jones in the chamber with the last Knight Templar playing a hunch over which cup was the Holy Grail. I can see him looking at you mere moments after you made your selection,

"He chose...poorly."

Assumptions that we were so hypnotized with the shallow, flash in the pan sensationalism generated by the click hungry media are not only insulting, they are completely wrong. They are wrong in my case and in the case of several acquaintances here on N4G as well as being far off the mark concerning people with whom I have daily personal relationships where I live.

How very small of you to think in such a manner.

You can keep insulting people about whom you know nothing and pretend you were THE ONLY PERSON CONTACTING SONY OVER THIS PS4 MODEL. YES YOU CAN ASSUME THAT AND YOU WOULD BE WRONG. COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, 100% INCORRECT.

I am unsure why you felt it necessary to slight people whom you do not know. Was it to make you feel better? And did it? Was it for your ego, stroking yourself as if you were the very last person fighting on that hill? A very mind limited assessment of EVERYONE ELSE IN GENERAL. I would say such a narrow take on others does not speak well of you as a supposed broadminded proactive gamer.

Have a nice day.

MeltedSOX1192d ago

You don't have to be such a pessimistic a**hole towards USP, the guy was just trying to make a possible explanation as to why that ps4 never got to NA. The producer of konami did provide a possible way to bring the ps4 to your country, Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi even tweeted Sony to release it worldwide, Europeans did their part to bug Sony of Europe to release it there. Now did you do anything similar, did you even bother to even sign a petition, yes?? no?? thought so....

I personally don't care this bundle as I already own a ps4, but my point is that you shouldn't expects things to come to you like a spoiled brat. Some things we have to go and work your a** in order to get. So, you shouldn't be complaining as if you did anything to contribute to what Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi suggested. You must really be egotistical to write such a hateful comment as yours.....

morganfell1192d ago


Who is being pessimistic? When one is pessimistic they take a cynical stance regarding a situation or other people. How did your friend enter this conversation. Let me refresh your short memory,

"I guess you guys we're so distracted with this kojima-konami fiasco crap that only a few like me tried to get Sony to bring that ps4 to NORTH America."

Who is being pessimistic? He made an incorrect assumption. I merely responded to that about which he was quite clear. He replied to our conversation with an insult inferring us to be both vapid and indolent.

And like him you are also wrong, wrong, and did I mention wrong. That would be you. Wrong. All of us sent emails to multiple locations as well as calling numerous available SCEA numbers to make inquiries. Every time one of us garnered a new number or heretofore untried email address we fired off our pursuing questions. Then again, you are obviously not a person interested in facts but rather your own close minded and erred perceptions.

After I took your friend/cohort/alternate account to task for their mistake, you decide to double down on wrong. A losing bet to be sure.

MeltedSOX1192d ago

Hey, you can bash me all you want, but it ain't bringing the console here, that's for sure. If you all sent your emails to SCEA, where's the console then?? Surely the console ain't here for preorder, you know why, because Sony hasn't seen enough demand for it here in the west.

Don't try to compensate for your own incompetence, here, by the looks you can't even smell your own farts....

Have a nice day, Mr. Troll

morganfell1192d ago

Oh please. You are a duplicate account of SolidUSP. He logs on and is last seen and then minutes later your account is created and you appear. You even have a one word name with the last 3 letters capitalized. How gutless.

I did everything I could as did my friends to generate interest in the console. It appears our effort was not enough. Apparently Sony or whoever makes the decision required even more input than we could provide but we did make a decent attempt - something you ignored and insulted in every email so far, choosing instead to paint people about whom you know nothing as idiots.

You and your two accounts never took into consideration effort and that was your offending point from the beginning you think it was only you that were doing anything while others were concerned with Kojima tabloid matters. And you were wrong wrong wrong. I said in my initial post I didn't think it was coming to the US so you are late to the game on that assessment.

Also learn the definition of a troll. Who came into the middle of a civil conversation and started insulting people. You did. Now from your parents basement, in frustration from a verbal beat down you lash out in a last resort employing petty adolescent remarks about bodily functions. Your 5th grade friends must think you are a riot.

Say goodbye as you will but based on your words and actions it is impossible for you to leave this conversation with any sort of dignity.

SolidUSP1192d ago





morganfell1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

The both of us? It is your duplicate account. You visit N4G and see my reply to your initial post. Mere minutes later a new account is made. This account also capitalizes the first letter and the last 3 letters of the name.

Then this new user, that just joined N4G doesn't remark on a main story. No. This account goes several pages deep to a topic that wasn't even at 100 degrees at the time and posts his first comment in support of your insults. That is your duplicate account.

Even more hilarious is MeltedSox visits the forum an hour ago and within 10 minutes you log on as SolidUSP and reply. No doubt that both accounts are yours.

If you don't like getting notices, I suggest the following:

1 - Don't troll threads the way you did. You came into a discussion in progress and attempted to belittle people.

2 - Do not create duplicate accounts to argue your point.

3 - Do not subscribe to threads if you do not want notices. Now you wish to curtail people's freedom on this forum because you are being inconvenienced. An inconvenience your very actions generated.

Finally, typing in all caps for an entire message is not sign of maturity and will only serve to generate the sort of commentary a person of your habits and nature is due.

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Kalebninja1193d ago

shoulda gave us his walkman instead, would've totally dug that.

Dannylew1193d ago

not in the fucking europe... :| :| :| :|

Moe-Gunz1193d ago

Damn! I feel your pain. I couldn't get to place my pre-order.

d4v03331193d ago

i think i was the last one who got the ps4 edition right after pre ordering i checked and it was unavailable. Damn i got lucky!

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