Thermaltake's V1 CPU cooler sure is real purty

Paul Miler writes:

"Usually the terms "enthusiast cooling equipment" and "sexy, sexy" don't go hand in hand, but Thermaltake has here an exception that proves the rule. This here V1 CPU, which retails for $60, can handle a nice assortment of Core 2 and Athlon processors, but we'd rather just set it up on a table somewhere and stare at the pretty lights. That's a red dot design award well earned."

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Alexander Roy3705d ago

Read the reviews for the predecessor of that thing.
It' sucks.
So if you want something stylish, this might be for you, but if you are in it for the cooling, there are better ones by far.

GIJeff3704d ago

it doesnt get a whole lot better than this. Theres a thermalright one that beats this, for real reviews try going to hardocp.

Voozi3705d ago

Artic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro is the one I rock out with, does a fantastic job with paired up with some Artic Silver 5 & only costs $27 on newegg =D

GIJeff3704d ago

i actually got this cooler a while ago, and it actually beat my old thermatake big water cooling kit by ~5c. Not bad for air. Can't hear it running either, quieter than my water kit. I would recomend this cooler for light/mild overclockers any day.