Gamescom 2015: Who Won?

A lot of companies headed over to Gamescom to show off their stuff, but there was one who came out on top.

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DarkOcelet1198d ago

Microsoft had a great showing.

Quantum Break looked awesome.

Scalebound looked great although I expected a fast paced combat like Bayonetta but it looked good overall.

Crackdown 3 was interesting with all the destruction and whatnot but I am more of a Single a player person so hopefully the SP portion is not shoved in and have a decent story.

MS should keep this up and hopefully like they concentrate on more 1st party exclusives like they said.

Sureshot1198d ago

Can it be considered winning if there was no competition?
Still, an outstanding show by Microsoft!

Sonyslave31198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

No competition last time I check Nintendo & Ea & Ubisoft & Take Two & Square Enix & Activison was there just because Sony was a no show doesn't equal no competition.

How much you wanna bet Game of the Year is going too be a 3rd party game.

Sureshot1198d ago

True but it's n4g. There's only 2 competitors we talk about here lol

akurtz1198d ago

I did!! As a gamer 😉

beans1198d ago

There were plenty of great looking games but only CD3 took my breathe away, so I would have to say MS!

Number_91198d ago

As a gamer I feel I took home the spoils. Microsoft had the best show in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.