Portal: Still Alive Heading to PLAYSTATION3 also?

Announced via Microsoft's GamerScore Video Blog, the sequel to Valve's truly inventive First-Person Puzzler from last year, Portal: Still Alive will be released on XboxLIVE! Arcade later this year.

Featuring an entirely original Single-Player Campaign (which will most likely also feature the Advanced Puzzles seen in the first) and an all new Challenge Mode, those having played the stunning first title will already have Portal: Still Alive very near the top of their most wanted lists. Pricing and release date are yet to be confirmed.

While all the above is fine-and-dandy...

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Mc Fadge3704d ago

I've played the free pack on the PC, which is allegedly the same as this, so it's not really that new...

kazuma3704d ago

i lol'd at the disagree u got, probably never played it

Fishy Fingers3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Pretty sure it will be different form the free pack. Mind you, anything in Portal: Alive will just be recreated using the SDK and released free for the PC.

There are thousands of Portal maps available on the PC from you and me at home, guys at Valve, guys at other developers, if you have the PC version there's already more Portal at your finger tips than you could ever need.

gaffyh3704d ago

Wait...didn't MS say that this was exclusive for the 360 in their E3 press conference?

Digi-Man3704d ago

Well Portal: Still Alive is coming to PC as well, at the same time as on 360, so I don't think it's the same pack that's already out.

potenquatro3704d ago

i have portal for pc. how do i get this pack and other maps?
would really like to know.

Nevers3704d ago

this will not be a purchase for me... yeah the puzzling was kinda fun but without GlaDos talking along the way, it isn't my cup o' tea. I've heard that GlaDos will not be in this pack and ImHO, GlaDos was the main reason enjoyment was found in this game.

... and I think the original poster is talking about the flash games out on PC, which, yes these are apparently adapted/copied from.

Still.. NO GlaDos = NO BUY for me.

kazuma3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

"Portal: Still Alive was announced as an exclusive Xbox Live Arcade game at the 2008 E3 convention to be released sometime later in 2008, and will feature new levels and achievements. The additional content will be drawn from levels from the map pack based on "Portal: The Flash Version" created by We Create Stuff and will contain no additional story-related levels."

this has been talked about when microsoft gave their press conference, it's not anything new, u can play this RIGHT NOW on ur pc. get over it.

to anyone that is interested : http://portalmaps.wecreates...

mikeslemonade3704d ago

This game isn't gonna sell very well. Not many people want to play a 2d puzzler cause it's too frustrating. The 3D Portal was bundled with 5 games so really we got that game for only $10-$15. Here is a gimped 2d version for $10 probably, so it will not do well.

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gano3704d ago

Are people still looking forward to this?

gano3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

As much as i liked to agree (which i do) I jus don't...know...

Edit: Mr.Marbles sorry i didn't mention sony at all so your rant
was for nothing. To bad tho u feel that technology should not progress
and lazy people are not to blame for shoddy work. Tho i guess if people
are comfortable with buying broken/half working things...u know. Hell
i got def jam icon.

Mr Marbles3704d ago

people are idiots if they are going to blame Valve for that fact that SONY designed the PS3 to make money for no one but themselves, it literally costs developers more to build on that backwards console, so why blame valve, those idiots in the link should be sending petitions to Sony, valve is not the only company that is unhappy with developing for the PS3.

Having said that, even the PS3 can handle Portal, so why would you deprive yourself of a great game just to fight a battle for Sony, if Sony wants proper developer support, then maybe they should keep developers in mind when designing their freaking console.

Truplaya3704d ago

not everyone knows about that, or they do and still want to play portal.

Its good that you can buy Portal on PS3 without getting the Orange Box as it was the best thing on it, and the shortest

titntin3704d ago

Are you guys kidding?

Portal is and was an excellent title and well deserved its praise.

I wasn't blown away by the lack of new titles shown by MS at E3, but the announcement of the Portal game on live was a real highlight for me. I had thought they announced it as an exclusive?

Well, if it comes to PS3 too, that can only be a good thing - its a real excellent title, and its format means it suits downloadable distribution very well.

It's also no too processor heavy, so even the most slovenly of programmers should be able to port it to PS3 without gimping it!

Happy to get any new portal, where ever I can find it!

solidt123704d ago

As many others have stated. Portal on the PC is the best place to play this game. Why pay to play when you can play for free on the PC. hey that rhymed. I'm a Rapper!!

Mr Marbles3704d ago

So you're saying that you would rather they not bring it to PS3 because it is best played on PC?

What about people who like to game on their PS3, they should not be able to play this game because you say it is best played on PC?

gano3704d ago

They are saying if u want a full exp, free, and now then go, go, Go!

Omniphobe3704d ago

that didnt rhyme at all

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