PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s August Update Detailed; Two New Free Cars & a Mysterious “Surprise” Coming

While the season pass for Drivecub has now ended, Evolution Studios is far from close to discontinuing support for the game, as mentioned by Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, that spelled out the contents of this month’s patch and more.

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Yi-Long1135d ago

Great news, cause I LOVE this game, but I really want see new new locations/tracks.

Abriael1135d ago

Could be the surprise. I don't know, mind you, but I hope :D

WeAreLegion1135d ago

Don't even, man. I want a new Motorstorm so bad.

Yi-Long1135d ago

Perhaps they'll meet halfway and announce a rally-expansion.

Or maybe a bunch of city-tracks.

I would really love to see them keep building on this foundation, adding more and more expansions.

Also, even of it's just 1, I would like to see them add a bike. Kinda like that great buggy we got for free at April 1st, it can go into the Bonus class.

GribbleGrunger1135d ago


Doesn't it make sense after including those Motorstorm-esque buggies? 5 new tracks inspired by Motorstorm and 5 new motorstorm vehicles. Bundle that for Christmas and 'Sales'.

boodi1135d ago

that wood be da shiz
i do want motorstorm ps4 so bad

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showtimefolks1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

This is how you support the game and I am glad it sold well. Crtics cam suck on that

They don't have the guts to call out a broken battlefield and yes it was completely broken and unfinished or assassin creed unity but they bashed the crap out of drive club

Such a great game and so much free content unlike some other racing games charging 50 for their season passes

Cd project red and evolution studios are showing how you support your game post launch

gfk3421135d ago

I hope they will keep supporting this extremely fun game.

showtimefolks1135d ago

they have said till they have demand and people are playing they will keep supporting it, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony releases a complete edition by mid 2016 for $39.99

TwoForce1135d ago

I'm very love this game.

blakstarz1135d ago

Now this is how you support a game and keep the blood flowing! They saw the issues from the jump and made promise on keeping the community happy and then some....

Just give us a new Motorstorm!! But I'm diggin' the hell out of DC!

Speak_da_Truth1135d ago

Can't wait to see what the surprise is. Great support Evolution Studios.

jukins1135d ago

Please be an announcement if a second season pads with new cars and tracks.

deadpoolio3161135d ago

At this rate the might as well start saving content for a sequel, Driveclub has already gotten tons of content free and paid. They eventually need to stop and start thinking of a sequel..

Yi-Long1135d ago

Why not keep expanding on this game for the rest of this generation, and next-gen release a new game? That way, you'll also keep the whole community together.

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The story is too old to be commented.