Wardrobe Theory: The Powerful Fashion of Dishonored's Women

Paste: Dishonored was a game that I wanted to like more than I actually did. The world building, from the ground up, was incredible. It told me enough about the world without sending me into an exposition dump, and everything I saw and heard was in service to that. I felt like people lived in that city—I felt like I knew its districts and neighborhoods as well as I knew my own. Of course, the game didn’t ever really do anything with that expansive and wonderful world, nor did it do much with the political struggle it set up for itself. I could see each twist and turn before it happened, and ultimately it was just slightly disappointing.

But I’m excited for Dishonored 2, and there’s two reasons why. One is Emily Kaldwin. Two is more of those gorgeous clothes. Girl, they are to die.

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Relientk771194d ago

I need Dishonored 2. Not want, need

poppinslops1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

She's certainly got some serious cheekbones to go with that coat... apparently she's too cool for pants-suits?

I heard that gameplay footage of Dishonered 2 is being kept under-wraps so as not to overshadow Fallout 4 or Doom... I'm guessing that means it's very impressive - in which case, Emperess Emily Kaldwen of Dunwall could well be looking at a trilogy.