Videogamer Review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2


''Xbox LIVE Arcade is home to plenty of good games but few that could be labelled as modern classics. One such game that can proudly wear such a badge is Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars Retro Evolved. For 400 Microsoft Points Geometry Wars offered more depth and value than any other game released on the console and has been the cause of more cuss-filled explosions of rage than anyone would care to admit. So, the sequel, cleverly titled Geometry War Retro Evolved 2, has the potential to be an Xbox LIVE Arcade blockbuster.

What's initially most apparent about Geometry Wars 2 is the number of game modes available and the inclusion of four-player multiplayer. From the start only one game mode can be selected, but a short amount of time playing each unlocks the next, and it's not long before all six can be freely selected from the menu.''

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