Short Pause Podcast #37: Xbox's Great Gamescom; Bungie, Please Keep My Vision of Confluence Relevant

Short Pause: "The Short Pause crew chimes in on the latest happenings within the video game industry. The topics this week include:

- Microsoft's Xbox Gamescom Presser - Frankie loves Quantum Break, Bender waxes poetic about Scalebound, and Brent tries to figure out what Halo Wars is as the fellas break down Microsoft's Gamescom conference in detail.
- Ben's back this week, and nobody cares!
- The Taken King unveiled - Game Informer's big Destiny cover story blows the lid off of the shooter's next big expansion, and the fellas have a lot to say about it. Are the changes to the weapons system worth it?
- Mafia III is officially revealed at Gamescom! So why isn't Frankie more excited about one of his most eagerly anticipated titles?
- This week's new releases, what we've been playing, and much, much MORE!"

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generalwinter1220d ago

Xbox nailed it at gamescom this year!

TheDude791220d ago

They did a great job and Scalebound is one of my most anticipated games next year after seeing that gameplay. 2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for gamers!

tazmeah1220d ago

A lot of people are not happy about the current legendary weapons becoming obsolete once The Taken King arrives. Hopefully Bungie has some similar weapons that people can receive via rewards for Raids or from loot drops. 20M guardians and 2 billion hours played suggest Destiny will continue to thrive as long as the content featured in The Taken King is substantial enough to keep people grinding through the winter months.

NemesisTheGod1219d ago

It's funny when people try to deny the cloud these days even when it's right in their face.

Vyprstryke1218d ago

Until it's unleashed upon the masses, it's unproven as to how effective it'll be. I think in time, it'll be cool but I'm keeping my expectations in check for now.