Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Amiibo Cards – What You Need to Know

Since the announcement of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Amiibo Cards, some gamers have found themselves confused as to what the cards will actually do. Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is a spin off game to the Animal Crossing series that will allow players to decorate resident’s homes. When the game was announced so was the integration of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Amiibo Cards. This announcement left many fans excited yet confused as to how these cards will have an effect on their game.

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DirtyPete1198d ago

This game has me ify on the whole thing. I don't want to play something that requires me to spend extra money on things like these cards. I loved Pokémon cards, are fine with staying away from Amiibos with a ten foot pole so I don't get sucked into that madness but to require you to buy extra cards to play the game in full has me a little upset.

SteamPowered1197d ago

This game used to be amazing. Im not liking the direction its heading though. I loved the idea of visiting towns for more decorations and fruit. And having a new neighbor was always interesting.
Buying these amiibos so you get more residents seems like a money grab. Im very disappointed in Nintendo pushing these amiibos into everything.

What ever happened to just buying a completed game?