Dissidia - Final Fantasy III characters revealed

New scan of Dissidia: Final Fantasy from the latest Jump magazine has revealed two new characters, this time from Final Fantasy III. Say hello to Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness.

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gano3637d ago

This game is go be hot. It just feel like forever with some.

sumfood4u3637d ago

my RPG heart is pumping with antisipation!

Bonsai12143637d ago

bleh... i thought they meant VI. i want to see Terra, Locke, Celes, Edgar, Sabin, etc. THAT would be sweet to play ass.

Dream Machine3637d ago

Wow, I totally need to play the Pre-VI FF's as I have no idea who they are.

@Bonsai: Yes! we defiantly need Terra and Celes especially, we've only got female villains so far!

theusedfake3637d ago

if they're going to throw new characters
like Lightning from FFXIII or the
"Prince" from FFVXIII.
that would be pretty sweet imo.

but could you imagine an Edge(FFIV)
vs. Shadow (FFVI) ninja fight?