Will Anyone Actually Like The Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Remaking a game like Final Fantasy VII—a game loved by so many—is never going to end with everyone getting what they want. The title’s biggest fans will be alienated by any changes made to a game they revere. But if the developer is too willing to preserve the past, maintaining the idiosyncrasies of a nearly 20 year old title will push away those interested to experience it for the first time. Can there be a happy middle ground where both new and old players alike can experience a game that caters to their interests?

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ninsigma1195d ago

If people around here are to be believed then no its going to be crap. I can't wait to see the changes they make. I'd like to see combat in the vein of advent children. That could be pretty cool. The game needs to change for it to be successful. The mechanics were great for back in the day but obviously we need to move forward. If the game was the same just with better graphics and improved audio then it would just be a remaster. I hope they do keep some of the old mechanics in. Materia has to stay because it is a core part to the story. It'll be interesting to see how it will be implemented.

Just don't touch the story and all is good.