New Kingdom Hearts compilation scan

New scan of the Kingdom Hearts compilation from the latest issue of Jump magazine has surfaced online. The scan features new pictures of Terra and Ven from 358/2 Days, but also a disturbing piece of info about Kingdom Hearts: Coded; It seems this will be the last of the three to be released as the developers are still uncertain when will the game actually be released, while 358/2 Days is already scheduled for release in 2008 and Birth by Sleep's release date will be announced soon.

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Tomdc3637d ago

wateva! just get em released and focus on the important Final Fantasy 3!!!

Avto3637d ago

Is that Roxas in Birth by Sleep

[email protected]3637d ago

nop, its a new character named Ven. It may got a special connection with Sora somehow maybe a uncle, father, brother situation cuz he really look like Roxas. Nomura seriously is a wicked producer o.O

BlackIceJoe3637d ago

Avto that does look like Roxas. Also I wonder if that is a mouse behind Roxas. If it is I wonder if that means that Birth By Sleep will have a Great Mouse Detective world.

snakebite363637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

lol. that'd be great. I remember watching that movie as a kid. I loved it.
EDIT: but cinderella also had walking/talking mice, but I doubt that they would do a cinderella world.