Does RNG Ruin ESports?

ESports (competitive gaming) has grown hugely in the past 10 years, from a primarily Korean lead industry pushing Starcraft into the foreground, to the scene we see today with a huge number of games played across the world.

RNG (Random Number Generation - the unpredictable random element of games) is a heavily debated topic primarily because people want to see amazing plays from the professionals rather than having the random number generator win/lose a game for their favourite players/team.

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Yukes1195d ago

Agreed it's an interesting topic. The element of chance does give it an exciting edge for spectators, and at the end of the day skill is usually the deciding factor!

Shillmeister1194d ago

Same games it can ruin, some games RNG can actually make it more exciting to watch!

Though "main" eSports games should really be based on player skill foremost.

Maple221194d ago

A thoughtful read... makes you think about the actual skill level of those playing the games and I agree with the above about how the element of chance makes it a more interesting watch.

pompombrum1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Personally I feel RNG makes things entertaining but has absolutely no place in competition. When the stakes are high, RNG potentially being the deciding factor between winning and losing sounds absolutely absurd to me.

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