Resistance: Fall of Man Patch Info

Insomnia was nice enough to drop by the Official Playstation forums and give some tidbits on the upcoming multiplayer patch.

"Hey everyone, we've been hard at work here at Insomniac on improving the game, we've decided to let you in on some of the upcoming improvements! They're coming in two forms: a server-side update for ranked games, and a downloadable client-side update. Here's some of the things we'll be changing:

Server-side (ranked game) update:

* Map size determined by the number of players in the game
* All maps available for ranked games
* Score limits for team deathmatch adjusted based on the number of players in a match
* Time limits added for all game types that were missing them

Client-side (downloadable) update:

* Added a game option to allow "map voting", which will allow players in a custom game to vote on a new map from the results screen

* Expanded tactical element of squads. In objective based team games (CTF, Meltdown, Breach), players will be able to select to spawn near their squad as well as all the previously available spawn points. Additionally, squad members will be displayed different on the map/radar so that you will be able to find them easier

* We've been busy refining the balance between the Chimera and the Humans in order to make both races more fun to play, and to give players improved tactical options (you'll have to wait on the specifics)

* We've improved the spawning algorithm to prioritize spawn points that are away from enemies and near teammates and squadmates

* Wins/Losses are now displayed on the character sheet

* We have replaced the Skeleton skin with a new skin, the Mechanic. We've determined that the Skeleton is much smaller and more difficult to see on many levels than any of the other skins. The skins were never meant to give a gameplay advantage, but to offer you the chance to customize your character as you see fit, and we don't want people to be at a disadvantage because they didn't pick any one particular skin. Never fear, the skeleton may make a return at some later date, in some form or other. "

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Ugly American4380d ago

Awesome, it sounds like they are making good multiplayer even better multiplayer. Can't wait.

videl4380d ago

coool, i will get the game and the ps3 in some days, i cant sleep any more, and i cant wait!!! time please go by...

kmis874379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

They need to fix some of the stat tracking problems that are way too common. Last night I played CTF for an hour and a half, racked up over 100 kills, and got credit for 10 of them. Also, I killed 12 people in a row to start out a ranked team deathmatch, and I wasn't given the 10 kills without dying medal afterwards. They should also fix the Multiple Kills and Return a Flag ribbons so that they actually appear on your stats page once you get them. Hopefully fixing that will give me credit for the ones that I have already gotten.

I'm gonna miss my skeleton skin too. I hope they're being serious when they say it's coming back sometime.