FromSoftware Cites Partnership With Simplygon as Crucial in Creation of Bloodborne

It turns out, FromSoftware had a little help in making the visuals so creepy and awesome in the PS4 exclusive hit Bloodborne

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Paulhammer1197d ago

Nice. The atmosphere is part of what made bloodborne great!

Ristul1197d ago

Bloodborne 2 please! =P

deadpoolio3161197d ago

Bloodborne just came out, there isn't going to be a sequel anytime soon if at all....

jukins1197d ago

There's supposedly an expansion coming. Maybe hear something at tgs

generalwinter1197d ago

Still struggling through this one and lovin' it!

Perjoss1197d ago

may the good blood guide your way

Ravenheartzero1197d ago

Fantastic Game. Looking forward to hearing more about the DLC!

IamTylerDurden11197d ago

Expansion is on the way.

Bloodborne is my goty.

Can't wait for Bloodborne 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.