Super Toy Cars Crossing the Finish Line on to Xbox One this September

Racing toy cars around a toy racetrack with loop-de-loops and figure eights was a highlight of almost everyone's childhood. Relive your childhood with this fun racer hitting Xbox One in less than a month.

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generalwinter1219d ago

Wow the Xbox titles keep comin' lately, awesome!

superchiller1219d ago

Unfortunately, the reviews for this game on Steam are pretty mixed. Let's hope they improve on the gameplay before it releases on XB1.

gangsta_red1219d ago

These new consoles (besides WiiU of course) are just itching for a good Mario Kart like racer of their own. That is why I am hoping that Sonic Transformed gets the BC greenlight.

Digital_Anomaly1219d ago

Totally! I did play the kart racer add-on for the new Disney Infinity 3.0 and it's amazing. What sucks is you need to shell out for the base game first. Still, if you were gonna get it anyway then the kart add-on is a no brainer.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1218d ago

I am a sucker for Kart racers so I am gonna have to give this a go for sure. Yay kart racers.