Homefront The Revolution 2014 vs 2015 Gameplay and Graphics comparison

Homefront The Revolution is one of the most anticipated games of next year.
Although Gamescom brought to us gameplay video running on Xbox One, this is not the first time the game was shown to world wide gamers.
Here's short video showing two gameplays side by side.
Let's have a look at 2014 E3 footage vs 2015 Gamescom Footage.
Can you see the difference?


Here's upgraded video with better quality 2015 footage.
Thanks crazychris4124 for pointing that out.

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generalwinter1193d ago

This is looking like it will be good!

starchild1192d ago

Yeah, it does. But this comparison is apples to oranges.

crazychris41241193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Would have been better if they compared the 2014 video to the one im linking below

cyckiewicz1193d ago

Right. I made that video before this one was released. I may create new one however. Thanks for the tip. Didn't knew if better quality vid was released.

Spenok1193d ago

Yeah it seems they purposely chose a video with hazy screens to make it seem like it was "Downgraded"

This fad is getting ridiculous.

Summons751193d ago

Can't wait for this, looks so much better than they originally showed off. Hope the story continues and is as great as the first (but a tad bit longer) and the mulitplayer is just as great. The first was so good, blew COD out of the water that year.

TWB1193d ago

Hold on... they released gameplay LAST YEAR?!?

I had no idea. Only ever saw that cinematic reveal trailer.

cyckiewicz1193d ago

Yes, they did. However back then, Homefront was developed by Crytek UK, not Dambuster like it is now. Therefore there are slight differences between "now and then" :)

Swiggins1193d ago

I had literally forgotten this series even existed....

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