The sexiest videogame babes uncovered

HEXUS.gaming has compiled a list of hottest babes in videogames, which include the likes of Karin Koenig from Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury.

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Andor_Trask3667d ago

Beautiful women give games a +3 to their awesome factor.

TwissT3666d ago

+3 for their awesomeness but not for their bewbs!?

Tomdc3666d ago

Tifa Lockhart is the best lookin girl, more normal slender figure, cute face and im always attracted to girls with black hair

Playstation Man3666d ago

Makes me wonder when the next Shadow Hearts will be out for PS3? Hope soon...

hay3666d ago

lol, ms. Pac-man... Those curves...

IzKyD13313666d ago

watch this get to like 300+ degrees and only 20 comments

IzKyD13313666d ago

my prediction was correct!

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