Sledgehammer v. Treyarch: Who Are The Zombie Kings?

With Treyarch using this year’s San Diego Comic Con to reveal their plans for the next step in their wildly popular zombie saga, providing us with an action packed trailer showcasing some interesting new mechanics and a star studded cast, excitement for Black Ops III is at fever pitch.

Diehard fans of Treyarch’s brand of undead slaying are more excited than anyone, with some finding Sledgehammer Games crack at the zombie formula a disappointment.

This got me thinking: are Treyarch really the undisputed kings, or was last year’s Exo Zombies an underappreciated gem?

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TheGreatGamer1226d ago

Is this even a question? 3arc all day

bigc0720041226d ago

Agreed. Nothing compares to the revolutionary WaW zombie creators!! They should remaster that game. I think AW was trash though. Along with the last 3 or 4 other cods, but thats just my opinion. Zombies is usually pretty solid for the most part. Can't beat treyarch at it though!

Donnywho1226d ago

confirmation on half life 3

bobsmith1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Treyarch, but I Liked Sledgehammers. its gona be hard without exo suits now im gona suck. and the grenade dump plinko from the carrier map was fun, I think something like that should be put on every map now

DrumBeat1226d ago

Sledgehammer is horrible at CoD period, imo.

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