First Screenshots of Skate 2 reveals the first screenshots of Skate 2 out of EGM.

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turri503670d ago

it was awesome, but after you completed the game it wasn't so good, they must add more stuff to the single player campaign. a good idea could be make it a online only game, like shaun white snowboarding.

release date: holiday 2008 :O i thought it was going to be released in 2009

Ron Zook3670d ago

Personally Ron Zook thought Skate was terrible. Then again Ron Zook played the dreadful PS3 version of Skate. Even without all the crappidy graphics, Ron Zook didn't appreciate the gameplay that much and thought it was pretty boring after 4-5 hours. Ron Zook really tried to like it, but just couldn't.

mfwahwah3670d ago

I had so much fun just popping in the game to skate around after I beat the story mode. I still to do this day actually. Just skate around, find a cool spot, plan a line, and skate 'till you nail it. It's possibly the most reoccuring, rewarding feeling I've ever had playing a game.

SpecialSauce3670d ago

looks as if they have changed the environment which is good because the last city wasn't that great of a skate area. i hope they let u get of ur board now becuz in the last game there where areas which they blocked of with stairs so u had to go all the way around and i thought that wuz kinda [email protected] i also hope u can bye other stuff becuz like alot of other money making games (GTA) there was not alot of stuff to bye.

Opiumunkey3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

They already confirmed that you'll be able to get off your board and walk around. I'm really looking forward to this...

SpecialSauce3670d ago

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet thanks for the info.

DroN4eG3670d ago

Cant wait for this game, first one rocked so hard, second one goind to be much better! Sk84L1Fe

socalr63670d ago

Had really bad framerate issues. Even in single player the framerates were so bad. I should have gotten the 360 version. This should be across the board for any EA game. The 360 version will always be better. To think I did not learn and picked up BF bad company for the PS3 and regret it. Mic issues online.

I liked the controls. Way better than Tony hawk games

Jeebus3670d ago

Orange Box was fine on my PS3, and skate only had intermittent framerate dips, none that wrecked the game.

I think half of the people on here are just doing the RROD thing and complaining just because other people are.