The Scariest PS4 Games

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Konami broke gamers’ hearts earlier this year when the company pulled its free Silent Hills teaser, P.T., from the PlayStation Network. Despite lasting roughly 25 minutes, the demo was among the scariest experiences one could find on Sony’s console, complete with tension and a handful of jump from your seat moments.

P.T. will forever RIP, but there are still a handful of spooky video games on PSN worth playing, all of which will make you think twice about peeking around the next virtual corner. If you enjoy a good fright, put these scary PS4 games at the top of your must play list before picking up Sony’s promising exclusive, Until Dawn on August 25.

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lipton1011226d ago

I'm really hoping until dawn will be good

ArchangelMike1226d ago

Same here, although not getting Until Dawn becasue of the jump scares as much as I'm getting it because of it's teen slasher story, choice, and multiple endings.

ThePope1226d ago

Alien Isolation is the scarcest game because you are constantly feeling the tension and you have an enemy who's always there that you cant kill.

SouljAx3601226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Alien Isolation brings nothing but the spooky. That game could kill someone if they have a heart condition. Evil Within, especially the Julie Kidman DLCs, is also very spooky.
I didn't think Last Of Us or Dying Light was all that spooky.

Also gotta mention Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I know when people talk about them they always call them RPG games. But in my opinion they are horror games. And pretty spooky too.

psplova1226d ago

Alien Isolation, Outlast and P.T. for me...

TeamLeaptrade1226d ago

Alien Isolation probably wins it for me. It may not be that scary, but the idea that you will face face that Alien constantly always freaked me out.

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