Hitman for PS4, Xbox One and PC Gets Brand New 1080p Screenshots, Show Agent 47 and His Barcode

Square Enix released today a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming Hitman, that will be available digitally starting on December 8th, and will come to retail next year.

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scark921071d ago

I hope Agent 47 has gloves when this is out in December.

Abriael1071d ago

feels kinda strange without now that you tell me.

breakpad1071d ago

as a veteran assasin maybe he has burned his fingerprints ...

TeamLeaptrade1071d ago

I didn't even notice. I actually hope so too, it's weird seeing him without gloves when he's wearing his suit.

MetroidFREAK211071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Honestly never played a Hitman game... I regret it so much haha... Maybe I'll pick up the HD collection and Absolution on my PS3 before I get this

Skate-AK1071d ago

They gave the collection and Absolution for free through PS+. Guess you missed out.

MetroidFREAK211071d ago

I recently just bought a PS3, and I don't want PS Plus...

Skate-AK1065d ago

Ah. Gotcha. They are some fun games and you could get them for real cheap now.

Hellsvacancy1071d ago

Bless him look how cute he looks, why they made him look younger is beyond me

TeamLeaptrade1071d ago

I honestly think it might be a prequel or a reboot. I might be wrong, but that's my guess.

Hellsvacancy1071d ago

They're using the same voice actor so it could be worse in that respect

It does look fun though