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GK Has done a full review of the new Game Of Thrones episode "A Nest Of Vipers".


"It’s essentially a magic trick: An illusion of choice that will, by and large, play out the same no matter what choices you make, with chunks of extra dialogue thrown in to cover all bases. I know that when it works, Telltale games excel like no other. But when that same illusion is shattered, it really spoils the moment. A Nest of Vipers is, crushingly, one of those spoiled moments."

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GamerKnights1222d ago

It's basically titled "A Nest Of Vipers" instead of A Vipers Nest, our apologies.

TeamLeaptrade1222d ago

I thought it was a great episode. Here's hoping the final episode closes this season out well. I am excited to see how it all ends.

GamerKnights1221d ago

Yes indeed, it gets a 9/10!