5 of Nintendo’s Biggest Risks and Their Outcome

Is Nintendo really about taking risks? Shawn Long takes a look at 5 of the biggest risks Nintendo has ever taken, and what their outcome was.

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superchiller1193d ago

Agreed, and although the original Wii sold a lot of hardware, once the fad fizzled out, the system basically just died. The attach rate was poor (when you take out a few big first-party titles), and the system died over two years ago, while the 360 and PS3 are still very viable consoles, still having great games released.

I think the Wii damaged Nintendo's reputation far more than any of their other failures, although the Wii U has definitely had poor results for the company. The Wii U really does belong on this list, at this late stage, nothing is going to turn it around.

deafdani1193d ago

This article is called "Nintendo's biggest risks", not "Nintendo's biggest flops".

Ugh. Keep on topic. That little rant of yours has nothing to do with the topic at hand here.

RPGrinder1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

The attach rate was poor? WHo cares when each game sold 20+ million. Wii had some of the best games ever. You speak not in fact but of dellusion

N4g_null1192d ago

The wiiu is not on the list yet because all is not said and done yet. Nintendo is tranforming while being the same nintendo we all love. The NX is nintendos FX chip.

Also they made a really good profit off of the wiiu and it's game sales. I'm not sure why you think it is doing bad and then say that the wii was bad. You can't trumpet bad sale on one hand and then down play the fact that the other did just that sale.

It sort of makes you look like a fanboy or industry shill. This damage you believe the wii did to nintendo is only in your own mind. Sony did way more damage to the Ps brand with the ps3 and the ps vita which is still dieing.

These same things where said about the 3ds until it actually sold. Once nintendo rolled out their content and 3rd party got the development kits things went pretty dang good.

deafdani1193d ago

I guess it could be argued that the Wii U just wasn't as big a risk for Nintendo as the other things on that list.

DragoonsScaleLegends1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

A game that cost millions to make is a bigger risk than a console that cost them billions to make? In my opinion this list sucks and there are so many other things that could have been put on it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1193d ago

Because no one wants to admit Nintendo was actually trying something new and different that carried any such risk.
They all wanna chalk the Wii U and its predecessor up to a couple of gimmicks. *eye roll*

deafdani1193d ago

Dude... the Wii is on the article.


RPGrinder1193d ago

Nintendo risks with the best of them

TeamLeaptrade1193d ago

I can see the Nintendo Wii being a big risk for Nintendo, especially due to the motion controls as their big selling point.