Cinematic Games, The Uncanny Voice, and The Last of Us

COG writes: While Naughty Dog is busy developing Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, Lucas Raycevick explores The Last of Us in relation to cinematic games and what he calls “The Uncanny Voice.”

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generalwinter1193d ago

Wow, this is an amazing mini-documentary! Great points about the uncanny voice and cinematic games. I always wondered why The Last of Us was so good - as you say, the technical aspects were key. Maybe also the characterization - these were realistic, complex characters who didn't play to cliche nearly as much as in most games. I wanted to listen to them speak because their words were not nearly as predictable as I had experienced before in games.

Bathyj1192d ago

Watch Grounded:The Making of The Last of Us and see Troy Baker and what an emotional wreck he was when he filmed "that" scene at the beginning of the game and you can appreciate how much heart goes into these things.

The guy was a mess. He was laying his soul bare for everyone watching in the room to see and he had to do it again and again and it really took it out of him. I think he was close to breaking.

Great acting like that is making yourself truly vulnerable. Anyone who says games arent art hasnt seen that.

MRBIGCAT1193d ago

Last of Us remains one of my favorite games and the cinematics, storyline and voice work all play a big part. It is not the 'be all end all' but certainly sucks you right in. Interesting vid for sure.

Paulhammer1193d ago

Hits the nail on the head! A good watch!

MercilessDMercer1193d ago

Great video! The last of us had a tremendous narrative and great character depth as well as some fantastic voice acting! I hope that it continues to impact how stories are made in games for years to come

GrapesOfRaf1193d ago

People often forget just how important sound is. If I pick up a game and one of the main characters sounds annoying or just out of place, I'm instantly turned off and lose interest.

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