NGB | Gamescom 2015 – EA Showcase – Hands On Previews

NGB Wrote: "Gamescom 2015 officially kicked off on Wednesday morning with the EA Press Conference, in which they announced a few new features for a number of their upcoming slate of games. FIFA 16 got a new “Ultimate Team Draft” mode, allowing gamers to get their hands on legendary stars without having to sink plenty of time (and no doubt plenty of money) into the regular FUT mode. It was announced that Need for Speed will have a blend of real-life FMV sequences featuring esteemed motorsport names blended with in-engine cut scenes to provide an engaging and dynamic story mode. Star Wars Battlefront had a new multiplayer mode announced, PVZ: Garden Warfare 2 got some pun-tastic “Grass Effect” content announced, and The Sims 4… Well, The Sims 4 had a cringe-worthy display of misjudged stage activity, with a full blown “party” taking place on stage, leaving everyone in the audience absolutely baffled."

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