Unfortunately, Quantum Break Looks a Bit Rubbish

Julian Benson says: For two years, we’ve wondered what Quantum Break actually is. Having seen it, I’m now worried that Quantum Break is a bland-looking shooter interrupted with 20-minute episodes of bad television at the end of every chapter. It should be so much better.

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Walker1197d ago

I’ve been saying this since it was first shown off !

Eogahn1197d ago

The same author posted this a few days back:

I'm sorry I accept every opinions but his is not relevant anymore.

Walker1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

This article launched after he saw behind closed doors demo, cleary he says at the end of this article "I really wanted Quantum Break to excite me, but the demo left me disappointed."

Opinions can change bro !

TheGreatGamer1197d ago

Well isn't he a flip-flopper, he should make up his mind before writing 2 directly contradictory articles

Eogahn1197d ago


Well, then he could have stated in the article that his initial opinion changed, because now it looks like he either didn't watch the demo, or that his opinion is not really his own.

Either way, he is contradicting himself. I know opinions can change but at least make it look honest, and explain what changed between the first article and the second.

subtenko1197d ago

The game seems Okay......

breakpad1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

it was obvious from the start its rubbishy quality ..still some blind-Xone-fanatics here in N4G will glorify its "unseen quality" for the chronicles of gaming...

Eogahn1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )


I play mostly on Sony platformrs. I don't even own a Xbox One...

Lamboomington1197d ago

Sorry, what ? Why are you all being so ignorant ?

He wrote one article before the demo. One after.
Is it that hard to understand ? If you disagree, then state why, and move on

Nevermind, I shouldn't waste my time.

As for the 20 minute TV episodes, that does worry me greatly. HOWEVER, this is Remedy, and every game I've played of theirs was amazing.

uRaDecepticon1197d ago

Looks better than anything the competition has for the most part. Everything on the competitions machine looks like an interactive cutscene while on XB1 games have fantastic graphics and physics to match while also not being boxed in by claustrophobic game design a and nip tucks from the game designers.

HighResHero1197d ago

I question their opinions there and doubt that they are grounded in objective reality to an adequate extent in any consistent way.

Yi-Long1197d ago

I always looked like a lineair dark cover-shooter with a time-stop gimmick to me.

I'm sure many people will be excited about it, but personally I'm just not into cover-shooters (gameplay-wise I find them a bit boring and predictable), and I'm also a bit sick of dark games, so this was never going to be a game that would appeal to me anyway.

That's nothing against them game btw. It could be one of the best in it's genre. It just happens to be a genre that leaves me cold.

I said the same about The Order 1886 btw. And last gen games like Gears of War and Uncharted also didn't appeal to me the way they did to others (although at least Uncharted has colourful graphics and settings, so that made it a bit more appealing to me... but gameplay-wise it just isn't my thing)

Spotie1197d ago

No excuse for this. Hit grabbing at its finest, which is journalism at its worst.

Genuine-User1197d ago

Granted he might have seen more than us but I still don't agree. I think the game looks absolutely fantastic.

Septic1197d ago

The game looks fantastic but it will deffo need some variety to keep it from being a bit samey. I felt that with Alan Wake; by the end of it it was screaming for more variety.

Remedy will need to make sure the proceedings are fresh. Saying that, this is a problem for most TPS' I think. How much of that cover shooting mechanic is going to feel fresh just because of the nice visuals on display especially in a linear game world?

Anyway, calling it 'a bit rubbish ' seems overly harsh and just looking for hits. He could have said its underwhelming but he writes for Kotaku. *shrugs*

suckingeggs1197d ago


'Looks better than anything the competition has for the most part. Everything on the competitions machine looks like an interactive cutscene while on XB1 games have fantastic graphics and physics to match while also not being boxed in by claustrophobic game design a and nip tucks from the designers'

Sheesus does any Xbox gamer agree with this ultra blind Fanboyish statement? He really makes us Xbox gamers look seriously retarded...

As soon as I read that I thought hold on what about horizon for open world... physics?.. hold on what about the full uncharted 4 demo.. Plus all the games on both systems We don't know about..

Sheesus... Some people really are embarrassing you question their age.

As for quantum break may not end up everybody's cup of tea but like heavy rain or Alan wake I enjoyed those and if you enjoy the game isn't that all that matters?

Eonjay1197d ago

Doesn't matter. Its an Xbox Exclusive game so even if it is trash folks will be compelled to dismantle this opinion piece. Same thing happens with Sony Exclusives and Nintendo Exclusives. Its kinda hard for me to say either way because I didn't see what the author saw.

What I can say is that I haven't seen anything special at this point.

MeliMel1197d ago

I call BS! He wanted the fanboys to click on Kotaku articles since no one reads their BS.

Ive seen enough already to know it looks good. And still a ways off for needed touch ups.

1197d ago
uRaDecepticon1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Suckeggs, you're riding the fence.

Edit: what facts did you demonstrate? Be a gamer? I'm playing on the side that is bringing me games and they're the kind that makes me happy with my purchase. I'm not about to applaud the competition for bringing inconsistency. The games you mentioned, are a chore for myself to get excited about. I don't care what others think.

EDKICK1197d ago

@breakpad so Xbox1 fans being hopeful of a promising looking first party game by a great developer is blind what do you call PS4 owners still defending The Order

suckingeggs1197d ago


In the face of FACTS.. You Just wrote Im riding the fence?

No bro Its Just simply called being a gamer..

What you wrote was in blind loyalty of a piece of plastic that doesn't have emotions.. Doesn't love you.. Cannot stick up for you in a fight.. Cannot make love to you...its an object.. It does the same job as a Wii u or a ps4.. It plays GAMES... to get your feelings this invested in an inanimate object you should pause an ask yourself why do you write trolling comments which have no facts to is foundation? Why does it hurt you soo much? Shouldn't those emotions be reserved for like a girlfriend or something?

You maybe a nice guy I Just think you need to think about it... Be a gamer bro

UnHoly_One1197d ago

I don't know what to think about the TV portion of the game, but the game really looks slick.

And Remedy is amazing, so I'm looking forward to this.

pivotplease1197d ago

Wait and see boat. Remember when the Order was hyped to be some revolutionary new IP. It was okay but not the masterpiece it was hyped up to be. I feel about the same with this game. That and it seems like we know next to nothing about it still. Hard to call it amazing or rubbish as it is now.

remixx1161197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

@uradeception......dude stop talking.

What do you mean your playing for the side???? Its a plastic box that plays games.

How is it a chore to get excited about the competitions games......who is the competition?? Who's competing with you?? You can own both and be able to play horizon, uncharted the last guardian, ratchet and clank, persona 5, no mans sky and many others as well as the xbox's great games.....

.....what trying to appreciate diversity and being open minded to much of a strain on that brain of yours??

Brand loyalty is such a weird thing to me, invest that kinda loyalty in a female and you'll be golden homie.

Palitera1197d ago

Look at the site. Consistency and ethics are not relevant at all. Just controversy and clicks.

You fell.

Kingthrash3601197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I bought a xbox one because of quantum break. I've always said it's a story based cover shooter with qte..similar to the order. I'm one of the people who think many were too hard on the order before launch. Just like I did with the order I'll wait and see how it is when it comes out and make my own decision.
That said though. ..the 20 minutes of live TV like cut scenes is a sin. I'd rather they be in game than see some actors it just pulls me out of the game and frankly imo it's just lazy. Also where are the same guys who would bash the order? I mean I haven't seen much of a difference, Really I don't it's just as "generic"as the order. The order slowed time too when you were in tight spots. The Ai in qb looks dumb too. I mean I don't remember seeing the guy getting hurt...He'd just freeze time, move to a new location kill and repeat. ..With a little qte insta kills mixed in there...yeah the author contradicted himself but so are many of people who bad mouthed the order before playing it.

dcbronco1197d ago

I wouldn't trust his opinion on this game. Probably not at all. What he describes in the private demo is what we have all seen besides the television episodes. So for him to complain about re-hashed mechanics is a joke. To do that he would pretty much have to hate gaming at this point. The lack of new mechanics has been a knock on the industry for a couple of generations.

Then there are the gripes about the premise. Every game explains how things are what they are? That idea is a bigger joke. I'd love for him to explain the way my character uses magic in Skyrim.

But just for him I'll take a shot at explaining two of his complaints. If someone knows Neil de Grasse Tyson maybe he can stop by and correct me. The time bubble. Isn't warp a time bubble that limited the effects of time within it. Maybe he throws warp bubbles and can control the effect within. Why do things explode with time? Isn't an explosion an extreme change in the state of the molecular structure? If something is in one state and time was suddenly sped up for that thing wouldn't it's molecules suddenly and violently fly apart. When something decays it slowly falls apart, at super speed the molecules should bounce off each other violently.

I'm probably completely wrong but the "author" definitely is. We are gaining more knowledge about time and space every day. And I doubt Remedy just completely threw --it at a wall on this(could be wrong). But be consistent with your whining if you are trying to appear reputable.

uRaDecepticon1197d ago

Remix...move along. Ignored.

4Sh0w1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Its just life guys....theres people who dont like water too.

-By all other impressions Ive read the game looks awesome, the vids from Gamescom looked great to me as well...but like I said you name it and theres always somebody who wont like it.

bouzebbal1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

it's alan wake with time powers. nothing wowing for me really!
i got disappointed of what it turned out to be already first time they showed gameplay last year. it's another TPS.
The first trailer shows was much more interesting.
definitely not rubbish though

GameNameFame1197d ago


To be fair he did say once he have "SEEN IT" for this article.

Basically saying he was excited upto this point.

uRaDecepticon1197d ago

On topic: I think this game will definitely move consoles for MS, more than likely during the holiday rush though. Releasing in April it has a decent amount of time for extra polish.

suckingeggs1197d ago


A bad troll is one who cherry picks statements..

Read my comment again for facts in the face of what you wrote. .i even explained the games against what you said..

Not hard really when you are really bad at being a fanboy

AngelicIceDiamond1197d ago

"But it’s hard to get excited about another platformer where you control time."

Doesn't know the genre, its a TPCS with platforming and what other AAA game this gen has time manipulation gameplay?

Its one guys opinion I understand that. can't expect all AAA's to receive positive vibes

But that statement is ridiculous

remixx1161197d ago


..........."ignored" ; then by all means sir please continue your unfruitful baseless fanboy hunkering, I'll mosey along.

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Redgehammer1197d ago ShowReplies(2)
SonofGod1197d ago

Rich coming from you.

You have no credibility in anything you say related to Xbox, as you have proven to be the biggest Sony fanboy on this website.

I bet you defended The Order aggressively whenever someone criticized it.

Kribwalker1197d ago

For some reason I don't trust your hunches

You never know until it comes out, but these guys have a great track record so I trust it will be great

christocolus1197d ago

Lmao. Thanks for the link..

christocolus1197d ago


“I’ve been saying this since it was first shown off !”

Of course you've been saying this. You say the exact same thing about every other xbox isn't new. smh

Docknoss1197d ago

It's funny how Sony fans want this to be like the Order and just be all visuals. Yet the game play looks immersing.

remixx1161197d ago

Fuqq you talkin bout bruh?? I want this to be a smash hit.

I never could understand why some people want games to be bad, as gamers, shouldn't more high quality games floating in circulation excite us more??

......I mean aren't more games ending up being terrible a bad thing???

SolidGear31197d ago

But I love The Order and I love what I'm seeing with Quantum Break.

Picnic1197d ago

That's what you can get when someone gives you a big cheque for 5 years each game.
Naughty Dog make 2 or 3 games in the same time.

iTechHeads1197d ago

Same here. The game has never really shown off in a promising way. That's why I wasn't surprised it was delayed to 2016, it's obvious the game is going to be a huge mess. Hopefully Kotaku is wrong though. But look at The Order 1886, we were told that game wasn't every good and it ending up being true (although some of us could find enjoyment in what it offered)

christocolus1197d ago

“it's obvious the game is going to be a
huge mess.”

Lol...wut??? Not surprisng coming from you. Its the same in every xbox article. Lol

SolidGear31197d ago

Not true to me because it's my favorite game so far this year.

wellard1197d ago

Personally I think it looks quite fun, its a good looking game too. But were all entitled to our own opinions

styferion1197d ago

I felt like it's a bit generic, seeing the demo.
But I like their Alan Wake games very much though, I'm gonna buy it if it gets meta score above 8.

rebeljoe141197d ago

People are just too bias to see the truth. Fact is it looks like a 8.0 shooter like Timeshift or crysis. Unless they can make the story really good I doubt it will be anything great

Manic20141197d ago

Wait, last time i read, you stated the mechanics ook generic but overall the game looks good and now you states this...... I'm confused which is it?

OT: The game looks great in my opinion, the only thing the worries me is the TV show integration. One thing this guy forgets is that the game is story driven. So even if the game mechanics are not unique (Which i think they are) the game mainly driven by its story. It still can create a deadly combination.

Professor_K1197d ago

That because your both sony fngirls

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TheGreatGamer1197d ago

I remember hearing similar reports about Alan Wake before it came out and it was one of my favourite games last gen. With Remedy at the helm, and with 9 months to go, I'm not worried.

Rooted_Dust1197d ago

Gameplay-wise Rockstar games are pretty much all the same, but their stories are always amazing.

christocolus1197d ago

Exactly. Kotaku loves their flamebait articles.. Its no surprise. Its just Kotaku being Kotaku once again.

Professor_K1197d ago

Its all journal

they didnt even play the game and just pass down judgement

MrSwankSinatra1197d ago

TBH I'm not a fan of anything Remedy has made. Their games are just sooo boring. When Rockstar took over the Max Payne series with Max Payne 3 a lot of people were mad at the change of direction, but for me I thought the change was better for the series. Max Payne 3 is the best game in the series imho.

TricksterArrow1197d ago

Alan Wake is pretty good, although it lacked some polish. I'm pretty sure it was rushed by MS.

As far as Quantum Break goes, it seems to be Xbox One's The Order. Seems good, is graphically impressive, but will probably be polarizing.

Immorals1197d ago

Dunno if Alan Wake was rushed as such, it was delayed quite a lot iirc.

Epicor1197d ago

Max Payne 3 is good. But it just doesn't feel like a Max Payne game imo. Personally I am pretty much the opposite of everything you just wrote.

PyroPotatoe1197d ago

So far the game just seems like you fight enemies who cant manipulate time them you get caught up with a handful who can then repeat. Im sure the acting will be very solid and possibly the story as well. Its up in the air for me.

DigitalRaptor1197d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

There's a lot riding on this concept, and you're not wrong.

The graphics and visual effects look impressive, and the gameplay looks pretty damn fun. Who knows how good the story will be? I hope it will be good. Remedy is super skilled in this field.

But come on everyone... the concept itself is supposed to be revolutionary based on everything we've been told by both Sam Lake and Microsoft, yet the gameplay looks no different (or better) than inFamous or Uncharted or any other third person cover shooter, and actually risks being more repetitive, just as Alan Wake (and even inFamous) was. What will make this game stand out, honestly? That's what I'm wondering. And after you've finished playing, will there be any replayability? Will the TV show integration be as special or rewarding as they've played it up to be for almost 3 years?

I know it's likely going to be a great game, and it's certainly not going to be rubbish, but the way Microsoft and Sam himself have been playing it up, it's going to have to be damn revolutionary, and I think that's where this attitude of high expectations comes from. At the moment it just looks like a single-player cover shooter with a good story.

Do those disagreers, want to step forward and tell me exactly what it is they disagree with? Is what I said not my positivity about the game, mixed in with a dose of reality? If this game has been hyped up to unrealistic levels by MS and the game's creator, these kind of articles and these opinions are naturally going to exist because of developed expectations, especially when the game doesn't appear to be as special as proclaimed. I love the visuals (they're spectacular), but the gameplay just looks like it consists of run-of-the-mill, rinse-repeat third person shooter mechanics that have been seen in games this generation already.

spicelicka1197d ago

You can say that about every game ever. Even the amazing Uncharted series, it's just shooting a bunch of people, then watch a set piece unfold with, while either avoiding hitting objects, or jumping here and there.

Whitey2k1197d ago

Aslong it's long hours of gameplay it's a nice looking game but if it's only 4 hours of gameplay. Why should this be any different to the order 1886 which got slammed for being short

Lamboomington1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

The Order got slammed for being short ?"Short" was never the main criticism. Or "no multiplayer" for instance. That's what all the PS4 fanboys were saying "Reviewers just slam it because it's linear and has no multiplayer", conveniently ignoring most of the major criticism in reviews.

Now, I kind of know what you mean. Just remember however, that a lot of that came from XBONE fanboys and pre release articles - not from official reviews. Exactly the kind of thing that happened to Ryse Son of Rome before release.

Reviews had many problems with the game. If Quantum Break is as short as The Order and gets rated high, you can expect a flood of "They are biased" from the PS4 crowd. Needless to say, that's stupid. One short game might be better than another.

Whitey2k1197d ago

Yeah but if it's true and it plaques with 20 mins of film depends on how many times it does it. Then linear or not this should be any different but i guess we have to wait n see. If It's really good lots of areas to explore and maybe just that one 20 min then ms got a gem on there hands. But yeah I guess we wait n see

jb2271197d ago

What were those other problems? Just a few examples because I saw the short campaign and werewolf bosses as the only real gripe. Most reviewers really dug the weapons & combat and everyone agreed the game was as stable as a brick house.