The League of Legends A-Z : A is for Attack

A definitive guide for new League of Legends players to understand all the new terms and concepts that the game throws at you. A new letter will be explored each day!

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Yukes1198d ago

MOBAs can be so daunting that it's a great idea to provide a glossary of terms - really useful for new players!

GamerGabs1198d ago

Tried playing League of Legends about a year ago and couldn't get the hang of it. Perhaps with a guide I'll fair better and can give it another go.

I_am_Batman1198d ago

LoL has evolved so much over time that it became a much more complex game by now. When I started playing it I understood the core mechanics fairly quickly. Now there is so much more to know about itemization, champion mechanics, synergies, vision contol, power spikes, minion wave control and overall strategies that it became much harder for newcomers to get into the game.

I tried getting a friend of mine to play the game and seeing him play it for the first time I realized how much basic knowledge is needed to be able to enjoy the game.

HammadTheBeast1197d ago

It doesn't help that a ton of smurfs are in low-elo and pre-lvl 30 games so new players get completely destroyed as they're learning the game. It's fun when playing with a friend though.

hamshira1198d ago

Oh definitely. Game knowledge, or the amount of things you have to learn before you can get good at league is probably the main factor behind its difficulty curve. The actual gameplay itself isn't complicated at all.

HammadTheBeast1197d ago

I don't know about that, some of the newer champs get somewhat complex, not nearly as complex as some DOTA 2 ones, but Gangplank, Azir, and others might be a bit hard for new players.

MrsNesbitt1198d ago

Great article. I have no idea about MOBA so this is very helpful