Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Slay Together, Stay Together Trailer

From GameWatcher: "Greetings loyal servants of the Overlord, it is I your minion master Gnarl with another Minionisty of Information brought to you by those dimwits at Codemasters. I get the impression from my Twitter that they aren’t being particularly forthcoming with information so I sent the browns out to capture one of the developers and we rubbed a green on his face until he agreed to talk. Here’s how our little “interview” went."

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Viper71196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Personally fail to see what's the problem with the game. It's not like the original series but at least they are not trying to fool us in to thinking that it's Overlord 3.

Personally I have nothing against spin-offs or developers trying to expand their IP's to different genres as long as they are informative enough about it. Nintendo does this all the time with Mario / Mushroom Kingdom and people love it.

I am sucker for dungeon crawlers so looking forward to the reviews and gameplay videos.