40 games in development for Wii/DS

In a conference call yesterday, EA confirmed that the company is working on 40 games between the Wii and DS. EA CEO John Riccitiello made it a point to express the importance of the Wii and DS, stating that both the Wii and DS are needed for future success. Most importantly, Riccitello also explained that EA is concentrating on quality and that each game is being created with the system's feature set in mind.

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ChickeyCantor3705d ago

Yes EA, got for it make more nonsense...make your soul filled with darkness and sh/t more nonsense.

gaffyh3705d ago

Madden, Madden, Madden!!! (crappy madden)

cliffbo3705d ago

mmmmmmm... i wonder if they're hardcore?

BrotherNick3705d ago

I don't know if they'll eat and piss shooters, but I hope a couple good games come along the way.

Panthers3705d ago

Cash in. No reason to make high quality hard core games anymore with the Wii around.

poopsack3705d ago

my comment is sidar's, cliffbo's, and panther's mixed in a blender,

games4fun3705d ago

that 85% of those games will be shovleware the rest might be ok games and a few good ones maybe

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