Sony says more remasters are coming to PS4? Here’s what we want

"I think it has to be a great game if you’re going to go to the trouble of re-mastering. I can’t talk specifically, but I think it’s very likely there’ll be more of this sort of thing."

That's what PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan said while discussing the likelihood of additional Playstation 3 games being remastered for the PlayStation 4 in the future. Massive titles from the PS3 era have already been done, such as God of War III, Journey, The Last of Us, and soon to be the Uncharted collection. Yet, like it or not, Ryan claims more are undoubtedly on their way. Which games from the era deserve to be remastered?

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Bennibop1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

A remaster/ Remake of Warhawk would be fantastic as so many People missed out (early PS3 release) and probably the best/ one of the best multiplayer games on PS3. Make it happen Sony!!!

Eogahn1199d ago

I want to see a remaster of Valkyria Chronicles. And the icing of the cake would be the port of the episode 2 on PS4 and the port/localization of episode 3.

This series NEEDS to be back.

scark921199d ago

YES! and Warhawk would be cool also!

breakpad1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

personally i would kill for a MGS4 remake fully exclusive to PS4 so it can get the best optimization

Exari1199d ago

remastering demons souls & ff7 crisis core are my dreams.. but i know i wont see them

XboxOneX1198d ago

Its such a large shame that Sony do not listen to FANS. It would be amazing to be able to play the PS3 games I own on my PS4 using PS NOW and not have to RENT a game I have already paid for. If they WONT remaster let me play my games I OWN for free on my PS4 PLEASE.

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Blaze9291199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I'd rather just get a Warhawk 2 made for PS4 fact, I'd rather just get sequels to all these games instead of remakes. I already played these damn games man.

I know there's people who missed out on PS3 (for whatever reason) but this is not what we bought next-gen systems for. Honestly

Remakes - sure maybe. But remasters - so pointless in my opinion. The differences won't even be that major - look at God of War 3's remaster. I dunno why I bought that

trouble_bubble1199d ago

Have to agree with you on that. Just make a new game with all the new gen trimmings, bells and whistles. Same way they used to, by rebooting old IP like WipEout, Warhawk, Twisted Metal, Tomb Raider, DmC, GTA etc into new animals.

medman1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I disagree. I loved The Last of Us Remaster. Loved it. And if you don't like the remasters, you don't have to buy them. We have choices as consumers. More choice > less choice...and as long as remasters/remakes are not hindering new ip or new franchise sequel development (which they don't appear to be doing, as many times they're even developed by a different studio), I see the drawbacks to be non-existent.

For example, I've owned a 360 and ps3 for a very long time, but there are some series for both I never bought...I for one would love to see a remaster of the Resistance franchise for ps4 as I picked up my ps3 long after the first game released and never bought any of the sequels as a result of not getting in on the ground floor with the story. I played the heck out of the Mass Effect trilogy on my 360, but if they did make a remaster, I would no doubt do it all over again on my ps4, just to get ready for Mass Effect Andromeda. I could name many more games, but those are just two examples.

FunkMacNasty1199d ago

We should be all set with re-masters! We don't need any more cash-grabs from the gaming industry!

New consoles have been out for two years now - it's time we demand less re-masters of games we've already bought and more NEW games, built from the ground up specifically to take advantage of the new comsole's power!

Enough with the re-masters!!!

TwoForce1199d ago

I argee. But making new game is not easy. More money means more development. I'm not againts or neither defend it.

ginsunuva1199d ago

Stop using that reasoning. So many people missed out on every game in the world, which doesn't mean we should remake them all.

aLucidMind1198d ago

I can't help but think that something that would really curb the remakes/remasters from last gen is, instead of making PS4/XBO versions, if they uploaded digital versions onto the PS3's PSN store and 360's marketplace as well as digital prices being more reasonable ($60 for a game released 4 years ago is a bit much).

Cuzzo631199d ago

Can we get a freaking Colony Wars. Darn it man. Do they realize Ps1 and 2 had some of the most memorable games of all of their titles. Sheesh

Minute Man 7211198d ago

No Warhawk remake but Warhawk 2 50 vs 50

Godmars2901198d ago

Would rather see a remake of the original Warhawk.

bigc0720041198d ago

I know these aren't exclusives, but I want cod4, WaW, getaway, metal gear solid 1, 2, 3...gta vice city, gta 3, godfather games, mafia 1...I can name a whole bunch. Getaway is probably top for me. That game was highly underrated. Real fun too. Just my opinion.

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asmith23061199d ago

A remaster of Socom:Confrontation that wasn't broken would be my choice. That game was great when it worked. Pity the fixes came so late.

scark921199d ago

I enjoyed that game alot also!

asmith23061198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Too old. At this stage Socom 2 would need a complete remake. Socom Confrontation was really good.

Number-Nine1198d ago

Confrontation was bad. Launch was a joke and so were the months after. They had to patch the game so much because it was broken, buggy, and was missing tons of features. It was certainly better than Socom 4 but that was by default. And Socom 2 is one of the better looking ps2 games. It isn't too old.

asmith23061197d ago

"Confrontation was bad. Launch was a joke and so were the months after. They had to patch the game so much because it was broken, buggy, and was missing tons of features." - which all got fixed up at the end of it's lifecycle, which is a real shame. When if finally worked, it was great. The fixes came too late though.

Gamesgbkiller1199d ago

Give me Demon's Souls. I finished it like 8 times and I want more with fixed controls issues with rolling. Adding world 6 would be amazing!

TWB1199d ago

Seriously, if they ever make a DeS remaster, they pretty much have to add the last archstone because like over 2/3rds of the remaster requests I see mention that.

Demons Souls would make a great remaster with some extra enhancements and fixes.

Gamesgbkiller1199d ago

Yeah, this game makes sense to remaster unlike the other one we have. I don't know why people disagree with this

TheGreatGamer1199d ago

I would love some remasters of some of my favourite PS3 games (motorstorm, resistance, beyond: two souls) to name a few but Sony please do them properly, learned my lesson buying GOW 3 remaster which felt like a slap in the face as it was basically a port of the ps3 version, I'll be more cautious before buying another remaster

Genuine-User1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

"as it was basically a port of the ps3 version"

What a load of tosh. God of War 3 was a remaster, not a port.

TheGreatGamer1199d ago

They did the standard 1080p 60fps bump up but left the rest untouched. I would've loved to have seen some enhanced artwork or something considering they were charging full price for this game. If they had released it at a cheaper price I wouldn't mind but if I'm paying full price for a ps4 remaster of a ps3 game, I expect more.

Genuine-User1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Your technical incompetence is shining bright. They didn't leave everything untouched, they've used a different anti aliasing solution, better shadows, high resolution assets etc.
And let's not forget a predominantly locked 60fps at 1080p without any screen-tearing.

God of War 3 is not a full price remaster. It was/stil is £30 on PSN and sub £25 on the net. How much did you pay for your copy?

TheGreatGamer1199d ago

A lot of people these days are confusing remasters, remakes and re-interpretations/reboots and are blurring the lines between them in terminology. You are one of these people. A remaster is taking older pre-existing source material and enhancing/modifying it, a good example of this is the Resident Evil HD Remaster of the 2002 GameCube Remake. Take a look here will you?

Upgrading the graphics from medium to medium high is not worth it for the price Sony charged for this. I sold mine and re-bought the ps3 version for a fiver

Blaze9291199d ago

@TheGreatGamer is hitting the nail on the coffin. God of War 3's "remaster" was a joke for $39.99 USD.

Lmao at "medium-high" tho lol

Genuine-User1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Unfortunately for you, you're the main culprit blurring the lines between them. A straight up port would curtail the changes so evidently clear in the remastered version of God of War 3.

"Remaster refers to quality enhancement of sound and/or picture of a previously existing recording."

A good example of this would be The Last of Us, Tearaway Unfolded, God of War 3 Remastered, Wind Waker HD, Gears of War UE etc.

The GameCube version of Resident Evil was a remake of the 1996 game Resident Evil on PS1. The Remastered version on current-gen is from the GC version.

"Upgrading the graphics from medium to medium high is not worth it for the price Sony charged for this."

What the fudge am I reading. How can you be so technically inept?

I'll ask again, how much did you pay for your copy of God of War remaster?

TheGreatGamer1199d ago

Look guy, this is going the same way as our talk over Crackdown's cloud tech where you quite literally had no idea what you were talking about so I'm not going to go down the same road. I paid £30 for the game but returned it. In hindsight, I'd pay nothing more than £20 for it at best. Bad practice by Sony to follow suit with the influx of cash grab 'remasters' and fanboys like you don't challenge them to release higher quality remasters

Genuine-User1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

"Look guy, this is going the same way as our talk over Crackdown's cloud tech where you quite literally had no idea what you were talking about so I'm not going to go down the same road."

It was quite the contrary. I have snapped those messages you sent me, you were hilariously incompetent and failed miserably at explaining the basic requirements and process of cloud compute.

Argumentum ad lapidem

"I paid £30 for the game but returned it. In hindsight, I'd pay nothing more than £20 for it at best."

So you didn't pay full price unlike your proclamation above? lol

"Bad practice by Sony to follow suit with the influx of cash grab 'remasters"

What bad practice? offering a remastered experience to new and existing consumers is considered a good thing in my opinion, no matter your spin.

"and fanboys like you don't challenge them to release higher quality remasters"

Argumentum ad hominem

PhucSeeker1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Nope, Tearaway Unfolded is NOT a freaking remaster. It's a remake (or re-imagined if you will).

OT, remaster should have more new contents (gameplay wise). Like DMC4, a remaster that is worth 40$.

KiwiViper851198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Bro, are you a defence lawyer?

Stop arguing that God of War 3 PS4 is awesome, it was a straight up resolution and framerate bump. You think thats the most the PS4 can handle? They are damn near identical.

If your not careful these remakes will be the only games you get on your PS4, cause its easy money for the developers. I really hope the Uncharted collection gets more than 1080p bump. You should too.

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lemoncake1199d ago

The problem atm is the word remaster, it's just too broad and the PR people are loving it. If you changed one small detail in the game you could still come out and call it a remaster because technically it is. You can then have the total opposite where everything has been redone, new textures, cutscenes, effects and again that's also a remaster. GOW3 wasn't just a port cause it had changed other things but at same time the actual changes were not massively time consuming to do. You really have to look carefully at each remaster individually and see if it does enough to justify your money, cause not all remaster are created equally.

Spotie1199d ago

Your story is getting less and less believable.

As much time as you spend on this site, particularly in PlayStation articles, it's almost impossible for you NOT to have known what the content of GOW's remaster was. Yet, for some odd reason, you bought it anyway, and were somehow disappointed. THEN you claimed to have sold it and re-bought the original for cheap.

For somebody who constantly praises all things Xbox and puts down all things PlayStation, that doesn't sound genuine in the slightest.

TheGreatGamer1199d ago

Are you talking to me? If you look at my recent comments I'm sure you'll see I do not 'put down all things Playstation' as someone who has been a PS gamer longer than an Xbox player I compliment them and criticise them when appopriate. Just because I don't praise every single damn thing, that doesn't mean I put everything down.

blackblades1199d ago

I would love remaster of ps2 games and remakes of ps1 games as well as both for psp games. They're much older so I haven't played or played in a long long time. Ps3 remastered are un-needed yeah its great for people that haven't played them but still it's to early for ps3 remasters.

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rmw2hot1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Would love to see Killzone 2 remastered and Heavy Rain also.

ArchangelMike1199d ago

I'd love for a Killzone remaster as well, with just abit less "weighty" controls.

Dirtnapstor1199d ago

Agreed. Every KZ prior to SF would be sweet. But I actually liked the weighty feel of the weapons. Felt right. One of the things that separated this series from the the standard fps.

Spotie1199d ago

Without that weight, it's just another fps. For me, KZ2 presented a perfect balance. It's my favorite fps and multiplayer experience of last gen, and a LOT of it had to do with how the guns felt. That's part of the reason games like Titanfall and Call of Duty don't really appeal to me much.