Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Closed Beta Registration Open, Guaranteed Access

Ubisoft has just opened the registrations for Rainbow Six: Siege’s upcoming closed beta phase. What’s really interesting here is that instead of hoping to be chosen randomly by the system at a later date, those who register will receive immediately an access code for this closed beta.

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Garethvk1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Funny, the first link is for Rooster Teeth and the second lets you register then puts you on a waiting list.

Then you get an e-mail saying you are registered and on a waiting list, space is limited, etc. I have attached the image in another comment as it would not let me attach it here.

Summons751107d ago

At least you got in, mine keeps saying the site is broken when I submit.

Garethvk1107d ago

Try the second link lower in the posting.

Garethvk1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

This pretty much sums it up and pretty much invalidates the entire article.

john21107d ago

Ubisoft most probably did some changes to it. Here is what it was like a couple of hours ago.

FITgamer1107d ago

I got two invites from the E3 registration. Signed up for PC and PS4.

mike32UK1107d ago

Do you per chance think i could have your ps4 code? That would be divine

MeliMel1107d ago

Sites broken I guess damn. Thanks anyway

the_hitman30001107d ago

I didn't even realize I had a code for the beta! I'm so excited

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