PSU: Biggest sleeper hit of E3 2008

The classic sleeper hit is a title that exceeds expectations, usually missing mass media attention, but due to great ideas, or execution on providing unique and interesting gameplay wins the hearts of many fans. So to choose a sleeper hit, we must look at what titles are currently flying under the radar, but we expect to make big when released.

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Fishy Fingers3704d ago

I'm not sure Fat Princess can qualify as a Sleeper hit when it's only just been announced, I'm sure as the release approaches the hype will build. I also expect a lot of media attention, mainly due to the title.

Looks like it's going to be fantastic fun though.

shine13963704d ago

I think Siren: Blood curse might be the sleeper hit of the summer.

thor3704d ago

I think it will be great fun, but unless it has a lot of depth (doesn't seem so at the minute) I think it will go the way of calling all cars online; after a couple of months no one will play it. Still, I think they said that empty places can be filled with bots so that might keep the userbase ticking over for a little while longer.

Cenobia3704d ago

I think it'll actually live on for quite a while. It will be right on your hard drive for easy access and it's basically going to be chaos, so it's the perfect game for multiplayer in short bursts.

Sometimes I just don't feel like getting up to change discs for a multiplayer title, especially if I don't have a lot of time to play. Fat Princess sounds like the perfect game for jumping in and out of. Plus, it's supposedly 32 player and sounds like its much more dependent on the online aspect.

I can't wait for this game. It looks really fun and the fights look hilarious. I don't think I'd even mind dying in this game (like I do in most other titles), which will remove a lot of the frustration I tend to feel with failing team mates or unbalanced teams.

PwnShop3704d ago

I don't know if you can have sleeper hits anymore, every worth while game will soon get hype as it gets closer to release, for example i was psyched with dead space far cry 2 but these games are now getting more and more hype.

jkhan3704d ago

In my opinion Infamous was the sleeper hit. Nobody in the press was expecting it to be such a cool game. All the press previews were quite positive of this game.

yog-sothot3704d ago

well... imo Fat Princess is definitely more promising than Fracture and Bionic commando. But I would have picked up Dark Void which I find really interesting. Anyway, I'll probably play both, so I'm not complaining.

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