Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: This is Vegas

This is Vegas is set to offer the fantasy impression of Las Vegas we all get when we close our eyes. The seedy underbelly riddled with guns and drugs crossed with the adult-come-adolescent behaviour that every gamer has delved into at one point or another – strippers, gambling and drinking - though, not necessarily in reality. It only takes a few moments with the title for the racy dialogue to insight laughter, but can This is Vegas continue to reproduce these first few minutes for the entire length of a game? At E3 2008, the attendees could get a taste of the proceedings, and begin to make their own minds-up.

While This is Vegas was playable at E3 2008, it was the exact same build which had previously been available back in April. Given that Electronic Theatre revealed the title has suffered a delay back at the beginning of July – pushing This is Vegas back into an unspecified 2009 window – it was hoped that Midway may offer-up some reasoning for the added development time; however, this was not the case...

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