Here's Three New FFXV Screenshots To Tide You Over

Check out these brand new FFXV screenshots just released by Square Enix.

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kaiserfranz1196d ago

Damn, just gorgeous! The wait is killing me

Alexious1196d ago

I can understand him, and I'm not even a rabid Final Fantasy fan! XV looks amazing.

Epicor1196d ago

These screens look really really good! They got this FFVIII vibe going on. I dig it.

Magicite1196d ago

They are actually putting damn grand effort into this.

scark921196d ago

The story and gameplay are so attracting, let alone the world!

Imp0ssibl31196d ago

The blend of fantasy and urban elements is quite unique.

Just release it, SE...

Snookies121196d ago

At least we finally know it'll be released in 2016!

RustCohle1196d ago

Awesome, I really believe they are further along than they are letting on.
Their PR has been a bit off lately, but I'm certain that the more they show off the game, others will be more pleased and quell their concerns.

Looking forward to PAX and TGS.

InTheZoneAC1196d ago

just not feeling the "normal" theme...

Epicor1196d ago

What does that even mean?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1196d ago

I think he means the Fantasy elements based in reality.

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The story is too old to be commented.