The Outsider: "We'd be mad not to see GTA as competition," says Braben

Speaking at Develop in Brighton today, Frontier boss David Braben's given the first solid details on The Outsider, saying the game is an open-world action title based on the story of a framed cop.

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gano3639d ago

Attitude to have. Let's see what u got son.

SolidLiquidSnake3639d ago

Agree...but they must have some REALLY revolutinary innovation in this game to beat GTA4! I'm not of the oppinion GTA 4 is perfect, but overall is the best game of the genre, is unique, and the past atempts to beat GTA series were failed hard...Is very hard to me seeing otherwise...

motts3639d ago

HOW can you SAAAY that? no one beats gta...ummmm simpsons hit and run :p

ThaGeNeCySt3639d ago

I completely forgot about The Outsider, wow

NathanGra3639d ago

I actually have never heard of this game before. I'm all about new games, series, franchises, etc. However, I just wanted to say that the gameplay from GTA IV isn't the only thing you have to worry about when making a 'sandbox' game. I'm only about 9 hours in IV, but I can tell you so far, the story is incredible. As is the acting. Goodluck!

wibble3639d ago


I'm tired of games that have stories. That's the worst part of GTA, the fact that it had a story. Dammed wannabe movie makers.

If they spend more time on making the world dynamic then there would never be a need for a story. Just add persistent characters to a world and a story will happen naturally. We all have a story to tell.

thebadrash3638d ago important in loads of great games. Otherwise it's just mindless violence. If you've ever tried to play GTA without bothering with the story missions, you'll see how quickly that becomes very boring.

There sho8uld be more games with great story lines, not fewer.

DARK WITNESS3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

its still in the making !

been wondering about this game for a while now...

good to hear !

If this game does what is says its going to do then it really will be something ground breaking ( if it does it !)

these are the sort of games i have been waiting for and expecting from this gen.... not the over hyped rubish we have got so far.

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