SplitFish Ships Motion Adapter for Sony Playstation

SplitFish GameWare Inc today announced delivery of its MotionFX Adapter for the Sony Playstation 1 and 2 to GameStop retail locations across North America.

The MotionFX clips onto a Sony controller and allows game players to enjoy over 5,000 PS1 & PS2 games simply by tilting the controller in the desired direction.

We have overcome the major difficulties of the controller force feedback motors affecting the motion control. This allows the MotionFX to operate smoothly when combined with the Sony controller. Television sensor strips are not required.

To date, we have filed 4 critical patents on our various adapter technologies and will continue to leverage these technologies on choice consoles only. Our fan base has asked us to support the Nintendo Wii
however based on our own internal studies we report that the Wii has slightly more performance than a GameCube but less than the original xBox. The Wii is therefore unable to support our adapter technologies.

It's clear that as the Playstation 3 now plays over 5,000 PS1, PS2 and PS3 game titles and continues to ramp up its library of true high definition games the PS3 will dominate the future of mature games. SplitFish will therefore continue working with Sony consoles for several new technologies, including our multi-directional and non-uniform force-feed back technology that improves on the older style force feedback vibration systems.

About SplitFish:

SplitFish is a developer of significant video game hardware technologies that include the highly popular EyeFX 3D Adapter, the EdgeFX Competition controller, the GlideFX, and the DualFX Laser gun. These products make up our high quality line and exclusive FX GameWare series of products. Further information can be found on the corporations website at

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Dragonopolis4386d ago

The comment about the Wii being not powerful enough is stupid. First the attachment is being used on a PS2/PS1. Who cares if the Wii is not as powerful as the Xbox or slightly more powerful than the GameCube. All we care about is that the Wii is more powerful than the GameCube which is MORE powerful the PS2.

So it should work. Why resort to making yourself sound stupid to hide the actual truth is beyond me.

mellowspaz4385d ago

Yeah, that was totally unecessary. Splitfish sounds like a bunch of fanboys.