DS, Wii Totally Cooling Off In Japan

Kotaku: In 2006, the DS ruled Japan. (Heck, in 2007, too.) The hardware was hard to come by, and things got so back in 2006 that American DSes were re-imported into Japan to satisfy the demand. Things have tailed off considerably. According to Nintendo's Q1 FY3/09 statement, DS hardware sales dwindled, moving 580,000 units in Q1 this year. In last year's Q1, Nintendo moved a staggering 2 million plus DSes. Hardware isn't the only thing that suffered; DS software sales are down as well. Last year's Q1, 979,000 units of DS software were sold, compared to this part quarter's 493,000 units of DS software.

Same's true for the once red hot Wii console. In the previous year's Q1, Nintendo shifted 950,000 units. This past quarter, Nintendo sold 530,000 Wiis. Good news is that Wii software sales are up. Last year Q1, Nintendo moved 2.78 million units of Wii software. What about Q1 2009? A strong 3.9 million units. As the domestic business continues to diminish, Nintendo is clearly finding success with customers in North America and Europe. Japan, it seems, is on the decline.

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Fernando Rocker3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Please, read the full story...

The title is sarcasm. =p

Nintendo just released the Q109 results:

Nintendo is selling now more software than the 360.

Just take in example the British sales data for last week: Nintendo, Wii, DS, Wii, DS, Nintendo, DS, Wii, Nintendo. That's all last week was to you, Britain. A chance for Nintendo games to parade up and down the high street, flaunting their money-printing wares while your little sisters run shrieking into the streets to buy yet another copy of Big Beach Sports and Guitar Hero DS. Indeed, so entrenched was Nintendo's dominance in the UK last week that 29 of the top 40-selling titles were for either the Wii or DS, including the entire top 10.

mistertwoturbo3583d ago

The decline is probably due to no new fresh titles coming out. Expect monster hunter Wii to pioneer that thing right back to the top.

LossTheEarthbreaker3582d ago

People don't want to play anything being released on the system now or anytime soon, thus the hype has turned more to "wait for [this] or [that]" as opposed to "Holy Crap! Mario, Metroid, and Zelda, oh my!"

MonkeyMaan3582d ago

Why can't you be more like this on Joystiq? Every chance you get there, you berate Sony. don't make me link to your posts now, especially the one regarding N4G contributors.

Harry1903583d ago

lots of really nice exclusives on it (Professor Layton,The End of the World....endless list).

But there must be a point where it starts selling less,that's normal.

Fernando Rocker3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

The DS is the definition of how a succesful system should be.

Nintendo DS is the system with the most third party support. It has more support from third party than the console systems.

Yeah, it has a lot of casual, but, it also has a lot of hardcore. The DS, together with the PS2, is an example of how a succesful system should be: a lot of hardcore games plus a lot of casual games.

Too bad that this site, N4G, promotes the DS as a casual system only, but by fortune, 70 million of people are enjoying their DS.

DS succes, and DS outselling every other current system every month is because the game selection is huge.

Check this thread. It takes a few seconds to load all the images, but you will love the thread.

meepmoopmeep3583d ago

nintendo is ruling all fronts right now. console, handheld and software sales.

anyway, i've noticed that wii's are now more available all over the place at retailers.

mistertwoturbo3583d ago

Yup, Wii's are now a lot more available. Maybe they weren't lying about not having enough consoles to meet consumer demand?

Fernando Rocker3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

They just increased the production from 1.8 million per month to 2.4 million.

Thats a 600,000 of increase.

It was reported even here in N4G.

meepmoopmeep3583d ago

oh, no wonder, cool, i'm going to get my cousin to hook me up at futureshop and get about $50 off. ah, connections are sweet :D

LossTheEarthbreaker3582d ago

The Wii is a console for the casual and for parties.

It's really sad how abysmal the lineup is.

I argue that the DS doesn't have a stellar library, either, but it's better than the Wii's.

Doesn't seem like a whole lot of quantity, forget quality.

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Voiceofreason3583d ago

Another thing to consider is where exactly they are shipping those 2.4 million a month. Japans sales my be decreasiong simply because they are shipping those units to the states or other areas. I cant wait til later on today when this news is posted as proof that the Wii fad is over. It should be good for a few laughs anyway.

Fernando Rocker3583d ago

You have a very good point:

Of course, you have to take it in conjunction with the other story:

The Wii is "down" (between 40k and 50k every week, compared to 12k of the PS3) in Japan, but up everwhere else, quite substantially in fact, as the link shows.

They are selling a lot more hardware in USA and EU.

N4g_null3583d ago

Did you guys notice how hard the PS3 dropped in japan after MGS4 and FF13 became multi-platform. The 40,000 is respectable. Also software is doing pretty good. I think some thing else may be going on in japan though. This place does not like PC games and two out of the 3 systems out are PC gaming consoles. Some thing is going on over there and if it wasn't for nintendo systems gaming would pretty much die over there! Of course the PSP is ruling but I think that because of hacking, portable porn and hacked games in that order LOL.

Maybe every one is trying to hack the PS3 who knows?

Skerj3583d ago

Man Wii's going to be burning up the charts when Monster Hunter 3 comes out, look what MH has done for the PSP. That's one exclusive Sony definitely should have come off their horse and ponied up the cash for.

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