Quake 2 running effortlessly on the Pandora (dev unit)

Notaz has posted a video of the new handheld console Pandora (coming out in Fall/Autumn)running Quake 2 with ease.

It's running in pure software mode, 320x240 resolution scaled to fit screen.

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Calluk3641d ago

wow, iv never heard of the pandora, but i would like to know more about it, it looks gd, like a mix between the Ds and Psp.... awesome

Skerj3641d ago

Man I CAN'T WAIT for this thing to hit, I've wanted it for the past 3 months as soon as preorders go up it's a wrap. I'll have a hard decision over which to carry with me between this, PSP, and DS Lite.

Ron Zook3640d ago

320x240 resolution software backed for Quake 2 looks like CRAP!

Seriously! Ron Zook remembers back in the day playing it on Ron Zooks pentium in 1997 and we'd run it at 1020x786 or whatever with OpenGL and it was beautiful. Loved the multiplayer and all the crazy mods. Weapons of destruction anyone? RON ZOOK APPROVES OF WOD MOD.

vhero3640d ago

Sorry but PSP can run this with ease why get pandora when you got a psp? its a silly idea ppl who want homebrew just get and mod their psps for it

funkeystu3640d ago

...but the pandora is more powerful and more customisable, it certainly has it's place.

Kleptic3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I am a little confused...Quake II is a game from 1997...a PSP should be able to scream at that engine...hell an N64 was able to run ports of that engine as well as some crappy PC's at that time...

obviously this handheld things runs it without a problem...but I don't see how that is really significant...

great map though...I played that in MP nearly non-stop, especially with grappling hook mod...

Skerj3640d ago

It's an achievement because it's running it that smoothly using only the software renderer, the handheld's GPU isn't doing any of the work for this afaik. I'm a huge fan of the PSP but this one has me psyched as well.

Darksaviour693640d ago

this is just a quick dirty port made by one coder with little work, running software only (not using any of the 3d chips), no optimisation (they psp version needed optimisation). Its a proof of concept, to show how easy it is to port stuff.

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