WildStar is Becoming Free-to-Play

WildStar is going to change over to F2P model this fall, and the testing for this free-to-play transition starts today. This test realm update includes the new business model, cash shop, as well as other drop changes and features.

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3-4-51196d ago

* Not a bad idea, as it looks like a decent and MMO worth trying out, and if it's fun, then it being Free will help it spread via word of mouth, that there is another MMO besides WoW worth playing.

Bigusdicus1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

free to play mmos are free to play because they failed lmao. and there is another mmo. called final fantasy 14. and it is doing very well because it is not f2p. also most f2p mmos end up having a cash shop for things like exp and other in-game stuff

Twinblade1196d ago

Pretty much all MMO's are f2p these days.

Perjoss1196d ago

I don't really like Wildstar but it looks like a lot of hard work went into making it, I hope the F2P model works out for them.