The Mother Of All GTA V Crashes

When Hoosker Don’t crashed his bike playing GTA V, he probably figured—as the opening seconds of this video suggest—that he’d just get up and get another vehicle. No big deal. Oh, how wrong he was.

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just_looken1138d ago

No shit i thought the chopper was going to be next in that pileup.

ThunderPulse1137d ago

The guy must've been repeating WTF as this was happening.

Dinkleberg1011138d ago

what mod is this? cars don't just touch then blow up thats ridiculous

Brandon_25351138d ago

I don't think there's a mod being used. In GTA, if a vehicle explodes close enough to another vehicle, it automatically sets it on fire and then explodes as well. Thus, that's how you get these chain-reaction explosions.

OhMyGandhi1138d ago

someone seems to be playing on "burnout: takedown" mode.

Sunny_D1138d ago

The tag for the article is wrong. It's listed under PC, but it's actually PS4. The op of the video posted it on Reddit.

Rimeskeem1138d ago

yah, understand, put an update on it to tell mods to fix it, was approved way before i could do anything. Sorry :(

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The story is too old to be commented.